How to Understand Sex – Identify the Basic Differences Between Transgendered and Biologically Natural Sexes


How to Understand Sex – Identify the Basic Differences Between Transgendered and Biologically Natural Sexes

Sex is the biological role determining the reproductive function of an animal, human or plant, in both plants and animals that reproduce through sexual reproduction. The classification of an organism into male and female determines its sex. Sex is a chemical process within the cell that directs the division and allocation of genetic material to the sexes. The X and Y chromosomes each have their own set of chromosomes and are the main chromosomes in living organisms.

There are two broad categories of sexual identification; male/female and intersex. Men can be interfered – having both male and female reproductive systems. Most males have at least one external set of testes. However, some intersexed men have external testes, but no internal reproductive system. Some people choose to call themselves a transgender, even if they have changed their name, gender identification or have used a different name and other information to re-identify themselves.

Biological Binary. These are people whose external characteristics do not fit the traditional categories for male and female. Often times there are several chromosomes, making it difficult to correctly assign gender to a person. Sometimes biological binary individuals may also have combinations of male and female chromosomes, or male and intersex chromosomes.

Sexual Orientation. Sexual orientation is the preference to engage in same sex or opposite sex sexual activity. This is not limited to sexual activity, but extends to a person’s personal decisions to date, get married, have children, etc. Most sexually orientated people identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or even straight. Some may have attractions towards members of the opposite sex, but remain unsure of their sexual orientation. Some may experience same sex attractions but choose not to act on it because of fear of developing emotional attachments with members of the same sex, or because of lack of understanding of same-sex sexual attraction.

Oral Sex. Oral sex is the exchange of genital or anal sex for the purpose of procreation. Oral sex is different from anal sex in that it usually involves a partner who has more experience in receiving oral sex. When a person engages in oral sex, the focus is often on getting rid of the penis. Instead of using the mouth to stimulate a partner’s penis, the oral sex provider uses their mouth to stimulate the clitoris, g-spot, or prostate. Some may even use their mouth to masturbate another person, which is considered acceptable because masturbation is one of the safe, natural ways to learn about sex.

Transgender. The term “transgender” can mean two different things. Sometimes, transgender refers to those who have changed their names or gender pronouns and sometimes refers to those who are sexually attracted to the same sex, but identify as being of the opposite gender. For some, being transgender means they are attracted to members of the same sex, but identify as belonging to the opposite gender, while other may identify as transgender as they are biologically male but identify as female.

I’m Going to Fuck Everything Up! (Ace of Spades)


I’m Going to Fuck Everything Up! (Ace of Spades)

In our daily life, we come across people who will swear by a single word as the best swear word: Fuck. The bible also says that the one who knows the best swear words is the one who tells good things (e.g., “I love you”). But why does the use of “fucking” or “fucking people?” has developed as one of the most popular swear words in the English language?

It is believed that the earliest instance of the word “fucking” is found in a Welsh document written in the fourteenth century. It is called the Welsh Book of Kells and is dated around the tenth century. In this book, it was mentioned as a curse in which God is cursed because He “made not good men perfect”. The term “fucking” or “fucking people” is also used in the Bible, specifically in the Old Testament (e.g., Ps. 19:4-6). However, the origin of the word “fucking” or “fucking people” may be much older.

According to the bible, Adam and Eve were the first people on earth. They used the word “fucking” to express their love for each other, while cursing the serpent (the evil spirit). This cursing started a long history of using the word “fucking” in a sexual context. A reference in old English literature also points to the fact that early Christians used “fucking” and “fucking people” in a way similar to today’s anti-Christian jokes. The reference in old English literature refers to the act of sodomizing and marrying young boys.

Many variations of the word “fucking” are used today. Some people say “I’m going to fucking kill her”, while others use the expression “let’s f*ck some sh*t”. Some simply say “f*cking everyone”, or “I’m going to f*cking destroy the world”. The earliest version of the “I’m going to f*ck everything up” quote comes from a Bleachblade game and is said by Ruka.

Other ways to add emphasis to the quote “I’m going to f*ck everything up” is by using extra quotes and intensifying the emotion of the sentence. For instance, if someone tells you that you are a big fat lazy bum, you can quote “You’re a big lazy bum but you do know I am a big fat lazy bum!” This will cause people to take the quote literally and think of themselves as a big lazy bum.

The greatest piece of evidence that I have found to prove the existence of the phrase “I’m going to f*ck everything up” in the English language is when hectic situation is reversed. When you are speaking in the past tense, like this: I f*cked up. Instead, of “I’m going to f*ck everything up” you should say “I did f*ck everything up!” Or perhaps, “The greatest f*cker of all time, a true leader of men, turned into a human anus, now reduced to a pile of sh*t.” In the second case, instead of saying “I did f*ck everything up”, you should say “The greatest f*cker of all time, a true leader of men, turned into a human anus, now reduced to a pile of sh*t.”