How to Perform Cunnilingus on a Woman – Be an Absolute Master

Fucking is one of the most common expressions of affection between people. It is used to mean the male version of the female kiss. Sexual intercourse is usually characterized by the thrusting and insertion of the man’s penis into the woman’s vagina for mutual pleasure, procreation, or both. This is referred to as male penetrative sex or male sex. When performed properly, it can be one of the most satisfying experiences a person can have. However, it does have its risks especially when it is done without proper knowledge on how to do it the right way.


One of the most common ways to perform cunnilingus on a woman is to use a “two look” technique. In this technique, while the man is giving his woman oral sex, he will sometimes go down low and look into her eyes for a second while putting his face close enough to her ear so that he could hear her breathe. This act has been dubbed as “two looks” by some men but is considered a vulgar slang for “fucking around”. Some women do not like this because they feel it to be intrusive and shows that the man is not confident in himself.

There are other ways on how to perform cunnilingus on a woman that are considered to be gentler. The most popular and effective way to do it is to use the G-Spot. This is actually a small organ on the top portion of a woman’s vagina. It is said to be the female version of a male prostate. Women produce a lot of hormones that are similar to the male prostate. By rubbing this organ around her pubic area, men can easily detect the G-Spot when it is stimulated.

If you are still new to the art of cunnilingus, you do not have to worry. There are plenty of women who are willing to teach you how to properly perform cunnilingus on them. All you have to do is ask. Women are very open to learning new things especially if it can help make their partner happy. They will never turn down a lesson from a man who knows how to properly know where the G-Spot is.

On how to perform cunnilingus on a woman the best way is to start of with foreplay. A woman would usually ask her man to perform oral sex first before moving on to the more vigorous techniques. In order to really blow her mind, you should know how to use your fingers during oral sex. If you can master this skill, then you have everything it takes to satisfy a woman in bed.

You do not need to be super intelligent to know how to perform cunnilingus. What you need to know is how to tease a woman and what to do when you are already inside her. There are tons of ways that you can do these things but the best way is to just remember to enjoy yourself. A good lover does not necessarily mean that he or she is having the best sex ever.