How to Say “I Love You” Or “I Fucking Love You”


How to Say “I Love You” Or “I Fucking Love You”

The act of “fucking around” has its roots in the English language. From the times of Shakespeare, “fucking around” has been used to describe sexual contact between two people. This act was then used in a way to indicate sexual tension between married couples.

In the modern world, the act of “fucking around” has become a more common term. It is commonly used in casual conversations as well as in internet forums and blogs. In a conversation, a person can either “fucking around” or engage in an act of normal conversation with another person. “Fucking around” can mean doing nothing or getting lazy. A person can even use this term to describe his or her lack of interest in someone. For example, a friend might tell you that he doesn’t think he and his girlfriend are meant to be together anymore, but this friend clearly has no idea what he’s talking about since he just started dating again.

On a forum or blog, this act can usually be characterized by a comical situation. For instance, if two people are dating, the boyfriend of the girl might say something like, “Hey, how was your day?” and then follow up with, “You know, I’ve been feeling a bit unfulfilled lately. I just wanted to spend some time with my girlfriend and take care of business.” This usually gets a good laugh from the listener because it’s clear that the boyfriend wants to spend more time with his girlfriend, but the listener is still skeptical about it.

Another common scenario is when two people are sitting on a beach, or in a park. A person can occasionally say something like, “I think we’re just really bored…” which usually catches the attention of the people sitting around him. However, when this same person goes on to say, “Heck, I don’t even want to be here!” he is clearly attempting to find a partner in his life. This is common for people who have been together for a long period of time, people who have gone through a tough breakup, and also people who have been together for a while and have not succeeded in finding a life partner.

There is also a subcategory that I would like to mention here: When two people are in love and have decided to stay together no matter what. This usually goes hand-in-hand with the previous scenario where people are dating. People who want to stick together and love each other regardless of the circumstances will often say things like, “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” and “We should try not to leave the house.”

The point of this little essay is to simply show that there are different types of relationships. You should always take care of yourself. No matter who you are, who your partner is, or what you are trying to accomplish, treat yourself well. Treat your partner well. Your relationship will be much better for it. Happy dating!