What is Foreplay? – General Characteristics of the Vaginal Orgasm


What is Foreplay? – General Characteristics of the Vaginal Orgasm

Sexuality, the act of having sex or the process of having sex, is an essential component of human existence. Humans experience and express their sexuality through various sexual activities, ranging from sexual practices done alone to sexual activities with another human being in varying frequencies, for many different reasons. For instance, one of the more common reasons behind having sex is to satisfy an urge to have sex with someone. Some cultures believe that certain physical characteristics, such as being small or a certain size, are a reason for one’s success in having sex. While this is not considered to be a valid reason for having sex, it does illustrate how people use their sexuality in order to satisfy an urge.

Another commonly practiced method of satisfying an urge to have sex involves the use of oral sex, or the direct contact of the mouth and the penis or anus. Oral sex can be either performed with another person or in a public place. There are also times when oral sex is performed with the use of a condom. When performed by another person, oral sex can be more dangerous because the other person is not aware that he or she is engaging in such practices. For instance, if performed while a person is drunk, the other person’s teeth can easily be broken during the oral stimulation.

The use of different parts of the body for sexual stimulation has also been discovered by modern science. When a male is engaged in sexual activities, different parts of his body are used to stimulate his partner. Most men who perform oral sex on women feel good about themselves and don’t feel guilty about what they are doing. The stimulation of the female’s body parts also helps lubricate the female’s genitals, making it easier for a man to achieve an erection, allowing him to enjoy having sex with a woman and to increase the sexual experience.

Heterosexuals may engage in unprotected sex due to several reasons, including wanting to be turned on, seeking excitement, or being a part of a threesome. HIV is an STD that has acquired through sexual intercourse. If one partner is positively infected with HIV, he cannot have sex until two months after being diagnosed. If he has sex with an uninfected partner before he is diagnosed, he could pass on the infection to that partner. He can also infect others. Hepatitis can also cause the formation of genital warts.

Even though there are different people’s thoughts on sex and what foreplay means, the experts have found a common cause for all the different people. Foreplay is an important element in the sexual activity. It is a way for you to ask permission before having sex. It is a way for the two of you to tell each other what you want and what you don’t want. It is also a way for the two of you to enhance your relationship.

If you’re wondering if foreplay is good for you, the answer is yes. It helps lubricate the vagina and prepares it for sex. It helps stimulate the clitoris and create an orgasm. Foreplay is important because it prepares women for sex. The general characteristics about vaginal intercourse and orgasm are the same, but the foreplay is what makes women feel special.

Can You Use “Fucking” As a Swear Word in English?

Fucking is an act of sexual intercourse usually involving only the thrusting and insertion of the man’s penis into the woman’s vagina for sexual gratification, procreation, or both. This is also referred to as male penetrative sex or male sex. It is the sexual act in which the male stimulates the female through genital contact. A man can give a woman multiple orgasms in just one night by simply penetrating her with his penis.


Fucking does not always mean penetration. Fucking may also be performed with the aid of another person; it may involve an individual who does not necessarily have sexual intercourse with the partner but is present during the sexual intercourse. The most common way to describe this type of” Fuck” is “spank” because a spanking is an activity that involves pushing another individual against their will, causing them to submit to you and your “spanking” them. Another way to add emphasis to the word” Fuck” is to add a prefix before the word” penetrated”. An example would be “penetrated bareback”.

Some folks believe that the act of “Fucking” involves being gay. While the act of” FUCK” may sometimes involve some homosexual activity, it is generally understood that the act of “Fucking” is between couples, between two individuals who are sexually aroused and have reached a point in which penetration is most likely to occur. One can argue that the word “Fucking” should be used in a non-sexual context, such as the way we generally refer to the act of “Spanking”. However, this can be tricky because many people would be incorrect to assume that “Fucking” and” Penetration” are always paired together. For instance, in the book “How To Stop Anorexia”, the third chapter is titled” Penetration and Fucking”, and there is explicit mention of “Fucking and Penetration”.

The problem with some people using “Fucking” as an umbrella term for any sexual act is that they are already well aware that the activity is not open to just anyone, so why would they use the word “Fucking”? Perhaps they think that by applying the word “Fucking” to themselves, they are already saying that their partners can take it any way they want. The problem with this line of thinking is that by using the word “Fucking” as an umbrella term for any type of sex acts, including gay sex, it becomes very difficult to apply the principles of principled anal sex to such activities. There is nothing in principled anal sex that involves “Fucking”. And while it may be common to refer to “Fucking” as a word used to describe anal sex or a way to engage in anal sex, the practice has no bearing on whether or not one engages in anal sex (as in the case of straight couples engaging in anal sex).

Further, there is nothing in the English language that could make me say “oh yeah, I think I love you” if my partner asked me to do so. The word “Fucking” is far too broad. So, it becomes a problem when people trying to use “Fucking” as an umbrella term for any sexual act to try to incorporate it into conversations. The conversation will never go anywhere, because people are not going to be polite about calling their partners “Fucking”.

In short, if you want to be politically correct in the English language, do not use the word “Fucking” as a swear word. You do not need to, but it is not advisable to. If you do, it will inevitably lead to people being unable to respect you and your position in life, and this will not help you very much in the long run.

Do You Know the Different Love Languages?

We all love someone whether we realize it or not, and the truth is that everyone enjoys a little bit of love in their lives at some point. The idea of love, however, goes beyond the idea of having something nice to put on the Christmas card tree. Love includes a whole range of positive and powerful psychological and emotional states, from the highest sublime spiritual virtue or good behavior, to the easiest natural, bodily pleasure.

No matter what your religious beliefs or cultural upbringing, one of the strongest emotions humans experience is love. Even atheists have some sense of this spiritual force, as evidence by the number of people who choose to share their bed and comforts with another person of the same religion or belief system. Love transcends culture and religion and is experienced whenever two people are intimate with one another, whether it’s a romantic love or platonic love or even just lustful, sexual love.

Love, however, might involve feelings other than love. For example, one might feel a strong emotional bond with a parent, but might also have strong feelings for a child, sibling, or even an in-law. This can make a relationship very complicated, especially if one’s feelings for another are mixed, as is often the case when two people are attracted to each other but have differing opinions about religion and/or ethics. In such a situation, it can be hard to see where one’s affection for the other person begins and ends. And yet, for the long term, a committed relationship between two people who are in love with each other often requires a level of intimacy and emotional connection that love alone cannot provide.

So, when love is part of the equation for those who are in committed relationships, good health, strong physical and emotional wellness, and even well-being, all play a role. Physical well-being, in particular, has a lot to do with feelings of safety and security, which are part of attachment parenting. Those who have been in an intact relationship for some time usually know when they are safe to share their feelings, whether they are having a difficult time communicating about their problems at work, in their home, with their friends, or with their parents. Thus, their physical well-being can support feelings of love and security.

However, not all of this is based on physiological needs. Attachment parenting, in particular, relies on the idea that physical touch and affection are important for creating a sense of security and safety for children. It is also thought that being parent means giving and taking of physical touch and affection, so when one’s partner walks out on them or lets them know that they aren’t welcome at a party, it can lead to serious distress for children. Thus, for those who love their partners deeply, the act of being separated from the other person during the time of separation can be a painful experience that can prompt them to channel love language to their partner instead of the love language to their child.

As you can see, there are many ways to define romantic love. But one thing that all of them do share is the importance of giving affection and physical contact in their relationships. So when you are thinking about how love can or does vary from one person to another, consider how you are able to connect with your partner on a personal level through physical contact, and think about what types of affection you can engage in with them. If it is more than a pat on the back or a hug or smile, then maybe it doesn’t really matter which love language you are using!

How Do Sex Charts Can Predict an Orientation?


How Do Sex Charts Can Predict an Orientation?

Sex is a biological trait that determines the reproductive function of an animal, plant or even in humans, through sex-specific reproduction. The classification of an organism into male or female determines its sex. Sex is also determined genetically in both human beings and other species. A distinction between male and female has to be made in order to define the different species of human beings.

Sexually transmitted diseases can be caused by autosomal sex chromosomes or x and y chromosomes. They are passed on through sexual activity and there are millions of autosomal chromosomes in each of our cells. All of them belong to a single family. All these chromosomes are related to the hormones of reproduction such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, which are the basic components of sexuality.

As far as sexual orientation is concerned, there is no dearth of definitions and labels. People can fall in various categories like male, female, bisexual and homosexual. Each category is further divided into three groups namely, heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality. Sexual orientations are influenced by physical and hormonal factors, which are inherited from the genes. Homosexuality is defined as an emotional, societal and personal preference to prefer same sex or opposite sex. Whereas, bisexuality refers to a tendency towards attraction towards both sexes.

Sex chromosomes are often used interchangeably with hormones. The X and the Y chromosomes are X and Y chromosomes, and they are very much related to sexual reproduction in both males and females. The X and Y chromosomes are closely related to gonorrhea in both genders. The other chromosomes are not so closely related and interplay very less with each other when it comes to reproduction.

Another term used interchangeably with sex is genotype which means genetic constitution or set of chromosomes that determine a person’s genetic makeup or trait. Many people have different sets of chromosomes and it is believed that these sets of chromosomes determine the physical characteristics of an individual. There are many people who have different combinations of chromosomes and these people are called carriers. Some carriers have two X’s, while others may have one or two X’s and one or two Y’s. Often these two individuals are still linked to each other because their child still carries the same set of chromosomes and it is these carriers who are often referred to as parents.

A third term used interchangeably with sex and gender is non-conformity to established norms. There are a lot of people who do not conform to the sex and gender norms and these individuals are termed as nontraditional gender or sexual minorities. This type of gender or sexual minority is quite often found in the younger age group. This could be observed among the adolescents who tend to exhibit more feminine characteristics and this could be attributed to their lesser exposure to traditional gender roles. These nontraditional gender or sexual minorities are oftentimes targeted or attacked by right wingers, further solidifying the notion that sex chromosomes can determine one’s behavior and orientation.

An Alternative View on the Word “Fucking”


An Alternative View on the Word “Fucking”

This article is all about the English word, “fuck.” For other applications, see Fucking (disambiguation). A student may use “Fucking” when talking about masturbation, but it is more often used in a non-sexual context. A common sign used to identify an angry person is the sign with an exclamation mark above it, followed by “!, or, you’re fired!”

In modern usage, the word has almost disappeared and is considered very offensive. It is still used in casual conversation, however, so people aren’t constantly thinking about it as a profane term. On the other hand, some may consider it less offensive than the word cussing or pants-lashing. So, let’s examine its history and determine whether “Fucking” is really vulgar or not.

The origin of the word “Fucking” is uncertain. The etymology of the word places it in a distinctly archaic form. In modern usage, the word is not clearly associated with any particular gender. The most likely origin is vulgarity, however.

It appears that in early modern usage, the word was used to describe an action that happened to be sexually arousing, and thus could be associated with either man or woman. It may have come from combining the words “to enjoy” and “to have sex.” This is where the association between the word “Fucking” and a sexual act comes from.

Today, the most common way that the word “Fucking” is used is to describe something undesirable. It describes rape, after all. The word isn’t always used in this way, however, because it can mean “having sex,” which is considered much more neutral in modern society. Rape, on the other hand, is still considered to be an unpleasant act, even if it is technically consensual. So technically, there are two distinct ways to use the word “fuck.”

However, the most common way that the word “Fucking” is used is in contexts that are considered to be very rude. A good example of this is the Urban Dictionary definition of “Holy Fucking God!” The usage of this term is definitely considered vulgar in most corners of the internet, particularly places where you would expect to find profound discussions about issues like freedom of speech and free thought. This, of course, is not the intent of the person using the term. And just in case anyone is confused, I would like to point out that Holy Fucking God is an actual definition and not a metaphorical one.

The True Meaning of Love


The True Meaning of Love

An example of love is the feeling that you feel when you are with your spouse or lover, and the desire to spend every moment with them. This is the most basic form of love. Another example is the bond that is formed between people who have a close familial relationship, such as a parent and a child. This love bond may endure for a long time or just for a short period, but it’s there. A third example of love can be found within families, friendships, and groups. Love between siblings is often considered love, while love between friends is friendship.

Love is also a strong emotion that expresses itself in many ways, some good and some bad. An example of true love would be the emotional bonding between lovers who’ve been together for decades and who are extremely passionate about each other and want to spend every moment with each other. True love is also a lasting and strong affection between lovers or spouses who are in a mutually satisfying and happy relationship. True love between two or more people who have nothing in common is considered platonic love. People will often say yes when asked if they’re in love, and the answer may vary from one person to another.

Love isn’t something you either have or don’t have, it’s not something you’re in love with and one you’re out of love with. A good relationship is built on love, trust, and understanding. In order to have these important elements in any relationship, you must yourself be in love. If you’re not in love, you will not be able to build the type of relationship that will last. Love requires commitment, respect, trust, and consideration for others.

It’s important to recognize and understand the difference between having a love for yourself versus having love for others. Many people have the idea that all love is about them, but it’s simply not so. When you love yourself, you give love to others, which includes your family and friends. When you love someone else unconditionally, then that person is regarded as your “true love.”

Love is an emotion that depends entirely on how someone else responds to it. In a healthy relationship with your partner can love you without judgment, intimacy, or passion. This doesn’t mean that you can’t love someone else at the same time. You will find that you do experience emotional love for someone else even if you’re apart from that person. And you will feel that intense connection and desire to connect with that person whenever they are close to you.

A healthy love relationship makes itself known through acts and expression of love, and not just words. So if you’re feeling lost right now, don’t lose hope. There are many relationships and couples that have survived the ups and downs of life. With a little patience and true love, you too can create a loving bond with someone else.

How Does Female Orgasm Feel?

Human sexual behavior, human sexuality or sexual behavior is the way that humans express and experience their sexuality. People engage in various sexual acts, ranging from spontaneous acts done alone to sexual acts with another individual for a number of different reasons, for a wide range of reasons. In fact, sex is a very common part of our lives. For example, during intercourse, humans either indulge in one form of extreme sexual behavior or indulge in a number of different types of intense sexual behavior. Some people engage in multiple forms of extreme sexual behavior during sex.


In fact, the health benefits of having a healthy sex life are numerous. This is because healthy sex involves a number of different things. Among these different things, having a partner who can give you both the motivation and the enjoyment that you need is important. Sex is not only about the physical sensation that you get from the act, but it is also about the satisfaction that you get from it.

It is important that you understand that having a partner that can stimulate your sexual desire and bring you to the heights of ecstasy is very important. There are different things that can lead to this peak of ecstasy, and if you are able to identify what is differentiating between your partners then you will have a better idea of what is causing you to climax. Understanding what is causing you to climax is very important because understanding what is causing you to orgasm is one of the important factors involved in maintaining a healthy sex life. If you are not able to identify what is differentiating between your partners then you might not be able to know what is leading you to orgasm, and therefore you might never climax.

Another factor leading to sex means different things to different people. In fact, there are different things that women and men feel when they engage in vaginal intercourse. There is an anatomical difference between men and women, and therefore there are different things that men and women feel when they engage in vaginal intercourse. When you talk about sexual fantasies, women tend to fantasize about being penetrated by more men, and men fantasize about women being penetrated by more women.

Men and women also feel good during vaginal sex, and when you are engaging in vaginal sex, you might notice that women tend to feel good, whereas men tend to feel good about themselves after the fact. When a woman is involved in a sexual activity such as intercourse, she has to mentally prepare herself for the fact that she might be having some sort of an orgasm. When you are engaged in vaginal sex, the vagina usually produces nitric oxide, and when the vagina experiences this kind of physiological change, a woman’s mental thoughts are able to shift to the idea that she might be having an orgasm.

Men and women do not necessarily feel good when they are engaged in oral sex, but you can tell from their body language if they are feeling good, or if they do not feel good about the situation. Some women will grip the anal sex toy more tightly when they are trying anal sex. Also, many women will tell you that they usually do not feel any kind of physical pleasure when they have anal sex, and this can be attributed to the fact that they are engaging in oral sex. Men tend to be much more forward when it comes to their intentions with oral sex, and they are more likely to just concentrate on kissing and licking their partners and delivering heavy stupendous oral strokes.

Best Minimalist Watches for Men Under $500

If you’re a watch aficionado like myself, you’d be searching the internet for photos and reviews of watches until 3am. While this  addiction is both unfortunately and incurable,  it comes in handy when readers ask about what watches they should consider purchasing next. Of course, a watch is a very personal item and one should alway purchase a watch much like how he’d purchase any attire – with care and scrutiny.

Personally I’m a big fan of minimalist watches which don’t have complicated displays, nifty features or  so-called “cutting edge technology”. Watches should serve their sole purpose: to tell the time and date. So here are some of the best minimalist watches for men under $500. These are men’s watches which fit the following criteria:

  • The watch face must be clean and simple
  • It must be durable (no flimsy plastic, G-Shock watches here)
  • It be an analog watch – i.e., it must have a clock-face (no digital watches)
  • Must be under $500

Best Minimalist Watches For Men #1-5

Best Minimalist Watches for Men #1: Grand Frank Aberdeen White Leather Watch

Swedish clothing brand Grand Frank is very active on Instagram, and the many people are enamored by their watch collection. Personally, their Aberdeen White Leather Watch stood out for all the right reasons; it features a polished stainless steel case, simple markers on a plain white watch face and brown leather strap. It doesn’t get more classic than that.

The fact that this Grand Frank watch is also 100m water resistant and has a scratch-resistance mineral glass makes it an affordable addition to any man’s watch collection. The company also offers complimentary international shipping.

Best Minimalist Watches for Men #2: Rollo 42MM from Nixon

Nixon may not be traditional watchmaker, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to make good-looking minimalist watches for guys. The Rollo 42MM watch is a great example of this – it has a clean and simple watch face in a stainless steel case, making it suitable for swimming and outdoor activities.

The second hand comes in a bold yellow which adds a touch of colour. The Rollo has a handy Miyota Japanese quartz 3 hand movement with date function at 3 o’clock and comes in a large 42mm diameter watch face. It’s $320 affordable entry price point makes it a great addition to a minimalist watch collection. The Rollo comes in six different colours.

Best Minimalist Watches for Men #3: Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch

There’s a few good reason why Daniel Wellington watches have risen in popular in recent years: Black leather band? Check. Large and readable watch face? Check. Water resistant? Check. Of the many models the company makes, the minimalist Classic Sheffield is one of the most popular with its eggshell white watch face. Its 6mm thickness of the watch is also thin enough to wear under a shirt so the sleeves don’t hit it. The Classic Sheffield comes in both Rose Gold and Silver case colours.

Best Minimalist Watches for Men #4: Uniform Wares M40 Watch

It’s no surprise there’s a cult following for Uniform Wares’ utilitarian timepieces. One look at their M40 watch line explains why; the company has focused on both the aesthetics and hardware of their products. Aside from an elegant 3-hand system with a date display, the company also uses scratch-resistant sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating for all their timepieces. The end result is a minimalist timepiece with Bauhaus influences.

Best Minimalist Watches for Men #5: Kitmen Keung

Kitmen Keung’s Long Distance watch has a unique functionality: it shows two different time zones in one watch face. While other designers might over-complicate this functionality, Keung’s remains simple and elegant with its brushed stainless steel case and off-white watch face. There’ a time dial for each time zone which makes for an interesting yet minimalist design.

Best Minimalist Watches For Men #6-9

Best Minimalist Watches for Men #6: Mondaine ‘Evo Big’

The generous 40mm diameter makes this minimalist watch from Mondaine simple to read

If you’ve ever been to Switzerland, this watch face will look much like all the clocks you see at the country’s train stations. That’s because they’re made by the same manufacturer. Mondaine has created the ‘Evo Big’ watch in a generous 40mm diameter, and with its clear and simple display there’s no way you’ll miss your train.

Best Minimalist Watches for Men #7: Larsson & Jennings ‘Lugano’ Minimalist Watch for Men

The Swedes are known for their love of minimalism which is why the ‘Lugano’ watch from Larsson & Jennings makes it into our best minimalist watch list. With its clean, gloss-white dial, polished stainless steel case, the Lugano is a timeless everyday option.

Best Minimalist Watches for Men #8: Skagen ‘Hald Steel Mesh’ Watch

Danish lifestyle brand Skagen are known for their exquisite design and their ‘Hald Steel Mesh’ watch is no exception. With a andblasted face containing two eye-catching sub-dials, the numeral hour markers are featured in a quietly contrasting color. The brand’s signature steel-mesh band completes the design at under $500.

Best Minimalist Watches for Men #9: Shore Projects ‘Newquay’

If you like to change up your watches without breaking the bank, Shore Projects‘ designs are just what you need. Aside from the minimalist watch faces, there is an endless selection of different straps that can be clipped on and off when you fancy a change.

Your Ultimate Guide to Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning seems straightforward enough – drop off all the pieces you need cleaning and pick them up, right? – but the truth is, there are some simple ways you can the most out of your dry cleaning and dry cleaners. Here’s your ultimate guide to dry cleaning.

Why is dry cleaning called dry cleaning?

Why is it termed ‘dry cleaning’? The reason is simple: the entire process doesn’t use water. Instead of your typical water and soap solution used in laundry machines, dry cleaning uses a solvent called perchloroethylene to eliminate odors, clear stains and keep garments looking fresh. Modern dry cleaning technology is a billion dollar industry and is increasingly an environmentally friendly business.

Should I dry clean this?

Most of us see dry cleaning as a means to an end. If a garment is dirty or stained, we hand it to the dry cleaners to do their magic. Most of the time though, hanging that wool jacket out to air will eliminate odors caused by cigarettes or food.  Or if you spill food or drinks on a garment, quick spot cleaning by gentling blotting the fabric with water usually does the trick. Of course, there are instances and certain fabrics – think cashmere and silk – that require special attention, and that’s where the expertise of dry cleaners come in.
On a side note: All those home remedies involving baking soda, white-wine-on-red-wine or salt almost never work. Worst, they’ll damage the fabric and leave tears on your garments.

When should I dry clean this?

The reality is most of us dry clean our delicate clothes too often. For suits and outwear, you’ll need to have it cleaned every four to six months, depending on how often you wear it.

In short: as infrequent as possible. The the cleaning chemical, perchloroethylene, is a great invention to stain and odor removal, when combined with the high drying temperatures in the dry cleaning process, the threads and fabric in your suit will deteriorate. So to lengthen the lifespan of your suit, dry clean them every four to six months.

If you get any obvious stains on your suit, gentle soap and warm water will do the trick. Wrinkles and creases should be treated with a clothes steamer. They’re a worthwhile investment if you wear a suit to work every day. They’re easy to use and gets rid of creases in the suits (especially elbow and knees) in minimal time.

Dress shirts
Most shirts won’t need to be dry cleaned. If you dry clean your dress shirts too often, the fabrics and threads will break. Machine-wash is sufficient for dress shirts, just make sure you hang dry them properly immediately after wash though. If you do take them to the dry cleaner, request it to be hand ironed and not machine-pressed since machines can sometimes cause imprints

Sweaters, Jumpers and Pullover
Dry cleaning does nothing for knitwear. If anything, the chemicals used will shorten the lifespan of knitwear, especially for expensive fabrics like cashmere and mohair. A general rule is to hand-wash your knitwear in mild soap and water, although clear and specific instructions will be explained in the garment’s cleaning tag.

Top Tips For Choosing A Dry Cleaner

If you plan to dry clean your clothes for a long time, it’s best to develop a relationship with your dry cleaner. That begins with choosing a helpful and experienced dry cleaner. So how do you know your clothes are in the hands of a reliable and trustworthy dry cleaner?

1. Their damage/lost garment policy is comprehensive
Will your dry cleaner give your money back for any lost or damaged clothing? And how much will they give you back? These may seem like trivial questions, but if you dry clean your work suits often – and if you suits cost a fair amount – and it gets damaged, you have to ask whether saving a few dollars was worth it. Always choose a cleaner with a good replacement policy.

2. They’ve been around town for a while
Dry cleaning is one of the easiest businesses to set up, meaning anyone could be handling your $1,500 suit, so it’s important to choose a cleaner with a good reputation. Don’t just go to the one closest to your home or work. It’s worthwhile asking your colleagues and neighbors their preferred supplier and whether they’d recommend them or not.

3. They’re experienced and knowledgeable
This follows on from the above. Reputation and experience don’t always go hand in hand – especially in the dry cleaning industry. Some cleaners don’t do dry cleaning in-house, instead they send clothes off to a central location to get cleaned. In this instance, they are a middle man and outsource the important process. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as they understand the differences in fabrics and how they should be cleaned. Don’t be afraid to test their knowledge of the cleaning process and ask whether they outsource their cleaning, or whether it’s done in-house.

4. They’re detail-oriented
Pay attention to the way the cleaner inspects clothes. They should be looking for stains and jotting down notes. If they’re unsure of what caused a strain, tell them straight up that you stained it with ketchup, mustard or [insert condiment of choice]. The chances are, dry cleaners have seen and heard it all, but give them all the information you can to make their life easier too.

If you notice any puckered seams, visible imprints or if the fabric is glossy/shiny on your returned clothes, these are signs that your dry cleaner isn’t thorough enough and it’s time to move on.

4. They’re friendly
Most dry cleaners are extremely friendly, but in the interest of your clothes and suits, it’s best to forge a long term relationship with your dry cleaner. Most companies are happy to bend over backwards for their customers, but margins in the dry cleaning industry are notoriously thin, and it’s in their best interest to keep you happy for a long time. To do your part, make an effort to remember their names and family. Remember, they’re handing your property – and if you lose that receipt or they lose the garment, you’ll at least improve your chances of an agreeable settlement.

If you’re really keen about the whole dry cleaning process, the below image shows you the entire process. Click to enlarge.

How to Say “I Love You” Or “I Fucking Love You”


How to Say “I Love You” Or “I Fucking Love You”

The act of “fucking around” has its roots in the English language. From the times of Shakespeare, “fucking around” has been used to describe sexual contact between two people. This act was then used in a way to indicate sexual tension between married couples.

In the modern world, the act of “fucking around” has become a more common term. It is commonly used in casual conversations as well as in internet forums and blogs. In a conversation, a person can either “fucking around” or engage in an act of normal conversation with another person. “Fucking around” can mean doing nothing or getting lazy. A person can even use this term to describe his or her lack of interest in someone. For example, a friend might tell you that he doesn’t think he and his girlfriend are meant to be together anymore, but this friend clearly has no idea what he’s talking about since he just started dating again.

On a forum or blog, this act can usually be characterized by a comical situation. For instance, if two people are dating, the boyfriend of the girl might say something like, “Hey, how was your day?” and then follow up with, “You know, I’ve been feeling a bit unfulfilled lately. I just wanted to spend some time with my girlfriend and take care of business.” This usually gets a good laugh from the listener because it’s clear that the boyfriend wants to spend more time with his girlfriend, but the listener is still skeptical about it.

Another common scenario is when two people are sitting on a beach, or in a park. A person can occasionally say something like, “I think we’re just really bored…” which usually catches the attention of the people sitting around him. However, when this same person goes on to say, “Heck, I don’t even want to be here!” he is clearly attempting to find a partner in his life. This is common for people who have been together for a long period of time, people who have gone through a tough breakup, and also people who have been together for a while and have not succeeded in finding a life partner.

There is also a subcategory that I would like to mention here: When two people are in love and have decided to stay together no matter what. This usually goes hand-in-hand with the previous scenario where people are dating. People who want to stick together and love each other regardless of the circumstances will often say things like, “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” and “We should try not to leave the house.”

The point of this little essay is to simply show that there are different types of relationships. You should always take care of yourself. No matter who you are, who your partner is, or what you are trying to accomplish, treat yourself well. Treat your partner well. Your relationship will be much better for it. Happy dating!