Where Does the Asshole Word Come From?


Where Does the Asshole Word Come From?

Fucking is defined as “to thrust forcefully and willingly” (Webster’s Dictionary). Although its first appearance in writing dates back to the late 1400s, the very first use of the word fucks is in the cipher of a medieval text. It appears there, first, as a mere nickname for the ass (a French term for buttocks). Butterer (someone who fucks or thrusts buttocks) is referred to in the later sources as a buttock-man (or buttocks-man).

Its etymology from Middle English comes from “ass,” “arse,” and “bad.” It can be found in early records of words in Old English such as the Bible (Koran, Old High German, Old English) and Latin, from which it has various translations and permutations. It appears, then, that the etymology of the word comes from ass. The oldest example of an English quote using the word “fucking,” also from a biblical text, comes from the Bible: “God spake thus unto your fathers,” (uterine) “And it shall be fudden, One stroke will suffice.” This shows that the earliest instance of the word in the English language is probably from Hebrew.

There is no direct connection between the ass and the word’s origin in other languages. No one is quite sure how the word got into English, but one possibility is that the phrase ass-cunt (a play on the female ass), which was used in Italian around the fifteenth century, probably influenced the origin of the word. Another possibility is that the phrase ass-shooting (a play on the ass), which came from an Italian phrase, could have been influenced by the ass. Another possibility is the play on words between the two phrases:” asses shooting,” asses shooting their load,” (a play on asses and load).

Asses didn’t stop being slang for asses after the fifteenth century, however. In the early sixteenth century, asses began to be used to refer to women in the royal courts. For example, we can read the phrase, King Henry’s ass, from The Royalist, written in 1534: “He shagged Henry’s mother.” In the same book, the phrase, King Henry’s ass, is printed in three separate words: “Ho, ho, he shagged his mother.”

The earliest place names that contain the word “ass” in them are Goeddeling and Hasslehammer in Saxony. These places were meant to imply the fact that the owner of the place was a stupid, illiterate person. In addition, places named after asses have a tendency to be situated near busy roads in order to emphasize the fact that the owner of the place had to cross roads a lot. These include places called Asshole in North Yorkshire, Asshole in Dorset, and Asshole in Humberside.

As you can see, the etymology of the word “Fuck” has had a rather interesting history. Not only did the word get formed from an anglicized version of the German word, “F-word”, but it became associated with a highly regarded place in Britain, in which a lot of dick jokes were written. It is these funny little anecdotes which give the English language such enduring appeal. So next time you slip into the language, try saying, “I think I may have seen the biggest Asshole.” You might be surprised.

An anonymous cryptocurrency being developed by the Central Bank of Norway

The beginning of May 2017 definitely provided excellent news for the digital currency community. First, bitcoin officially broke its record as a single coin sold for more than $ 1,400. At the same time, the ether reached a price above $ 80, continuing the spectacular rise of the relatively new digital device. In the process, no one can blame so many individuals, or even companies in this area, who are excited about the near future and what they bring.

But while news from the markets is often positive, there is now a nationwide development related to the unique digital currency. These are not new, but in this case, it is impressive that the actual state of Norway and its national central bank has begun to explore ways to create and launch their own digital currency.

In an atmosphere where many developed nations paradoxically avoid or ignore the digital currency, it seems that one has decided to move on with a different plan. Most elements of this plan are still being hammered, the news still shows that there are places where the idea of ​​using digital currency is not just something that needs to be led to the next decision-making unit.

The key facts below relate to the fact that the Central Bank of Norway is entering the field of blockchain research and development.

Contents [show]

Norges digital currency
Norges, the central bank of Norway, recently announced that research into the possibility of issuing its own digital currency is in its infancy. The statement was made by Jon Nicolaisen, Vice President of Norges Bank, who spoke at the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters.

He said there is a clear increase in the number of digital currencies that are widely used today for bitcoin bingo for things like multi-million dollar capital investments made exclusively in cryptocurrency, including bitcoin investments. For this reason, the Deputy Governor said it was important to present the Norges research project in the light of a world where the use of cryptocurrencies occurs regularly.

He added that this kind of monetary value is of particular interest to certain types of users, including factors such as peer-to-peer operating systems and user anonymity. Here, Norges seems to have approached the issue with an interesting dose of pragmatic thinking. In the same statement, Nicolaisen said there are already private blockchains, including bitcoin, that are already on the market and provide these features.

According to him, these may continue to operate even in the event of a complete failure of the banking systems. All you need is an Internet connection and they can continue to work the same, as can systems that are widely used, such as eSport and many other online-only businesses.

Potential digital currency features
Thanks to these realities of the current digital currency domain, Norges Bank has decided to try to imitate some of them for their own project. Therefore, you are considering building a digital currency that your customers can keep in their bank account, so there is no need for an external, external digital wallet.

Another option is for Norges Bank to create an app that allows anonymous payments like cash like traditional transactions. It also appears that the bank is willing to explore even bolder opportunities in its research and will find a model that meets both their development framework and the needs of their customers.

For the time being, both options seem to be a valid path for further exploration and possible pilot projects. Once authenticated, Norges Bank will have no major difficulty in getting the idea to the level of an active product available under its brand name. This would at least be true for the domestic market.

Another central bank initiative
In particular, there is no news for those covering digital currencies and blockchain that a central bank would experiment with this form of FinTech. Currently, several major central banks are working on similar initiatives, including the Central Bank of China, which is also trying to curb domestic bitcoin exchanges . But Norges ’representative continued to state that their efforts are crucial to the future state of the financial ecosystem.

He said electronic money could be a great alternative for many consumers if they didn’t want to deposit money in the form of cash in a traditional bank as the process works today. At the other end of this equation, banks are able to attract customers using the interest rates they offer.

However, Norges Bank is convinced that banks’ ability to generate profits and lend can be significantly affected if new forms of electronic money become widespread. In this simple idea, the full motivation of this central bank can be enforced: change or face potential problems due to global change, whatever it is.

The Norwegian ecosystem
In addition to the intelligent position of the central bank, the whole of Norway has a number of advantages that would facilitate any nationally based digital currency. First, the country’s population is supported by a small but extremely rich state apparatus and a stable social democratic agenda. This would provide a basis for equal access to digital currency, regardless of its form.

Then the country is not in the EU, which allows it to circumvent the problems that Member States may face when such initiatives play a role elsewhere. In addition, the country has a developed and diversified economic system, making these types of FinTech services easily accepted by citizens, especially those living in remote regions where any type of commuting requires a lot of effort.

Here, it can be a huge benefit to further manage your personal or even small business financial management with an online-only tool. With all this targeting Norges Bank, there is no reason to doubt that current research could easily become the world’s first national digital financial instrument.

Playson Slots Overview (2021) – Here are the best Playson slots!

Playson is a provider of casino games based in Malta that was established in 2012. The company operates in regulated markets such as Malta, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The Playson game collection includes over 60 games with mostly slots, but there are also table games and roulette games.

Playson now employs several hundred people in offices around the world in Malta, Ukraine, the UK and Greece. In 2015, Playson received an important license from the UK Gambling Commission to operate legally in the UK market.

Slot Imperial Fruits from Playson

This is Imperial Fruits, a brand new slot machine game from Playson released on August 29, 2019.

Playson logo of the casino game providerUser rating of the Playson service provider:

Contents [show]

Playson game features
Here are some features of the Playson game.

All Playson games are based on HTML5, which means that the games are adapted to mobile devices and work well on desktop computers as well. HTML5 games also run fast and don’t need special add-ons to download, unlike older platforms like Adobe Flash.
The choice of games is not very large (over 60 games), but the quality of the game is very high.
Many Playson games also contain some elements of gamification. This means that casino games contain elements from the computer or video games such as collecting points or choosing which way the game goes next.
RTP% (return to player) is about 96%, depending on the game. So the edge of the house is about 4%. This is considered an average in casino games with high quality graphics, sound and gameplay.
The most popular game terms in Playson
Here are some of the most popular Playson slot machines introduced.

1. The Book of Gold: A Double Chance
The Book of Gold: Double Chance is a 5 reel slot machine with a choice of symbols in the free spins game. This slot machine game was released on October 18, 2018.

If you get 3 or more scatter symbols (Books of Gold), you get 10 free spins. Before the free rotation mode, 2 special expansion symbols will be randomly selected.

The Book of Gold: A Double Chance

Book of Gold: Slots is a double chance game from Playson.

Published game: October 2018

RTP (back to player): 95.04%

Variance: Medium high

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 10

2. Viking gods: Thor & Loki
Viking Gods: Thor & Loki is a 5-reel, Playson 5-reel, automatic game. The game was released on October 10, 2017. The slot game features very sharp graphics and smooth animations. Also the ancient music in the background is very cool.

Viking Gods: Thor & amp; Loki from Playson.

Viking Gods: Thor & Loki slot game from Playson.

There are also 2 different bonus rounds. If you get a full table of Thor Bonus or Loki Bonus on the 3rd reel, you will get 10 free spins of Thor or Loki.

Loki bonus round – almost!

Loki bonus round – almost!

The return to the player is 96.88%, which is considered pretty good. Usually the average level is around 96% in vending machines.

Published game: October 2017

RTP (back to player): 96.88% (good!)

Variance: Medium

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 15

3. Wealth of clover
The Clover Riches slot game on the theme of Leprechaun was released on September 26, 2019. The graphics are very beautiful and also the cartoon-like music makes it feel like a fairy tale.

If you get a Wild sign (Leprechaun), it will double the winnings when the Wild sign replaces along the winning line.

Clover Riches slot game from Playson

This is a Cloys Riches slot game from Playson. The leprechaun in the upper right is the Wild symbol. The bonus-clover starts the free spins game if you get 3 or more.

If you get three or more clover bonuses, you run a free spin game. You can choose from 3 different free spins:

24 free spins with x2 winning multiplier or
12 free spins with x4 win multiplier or
8 free spins with x6 win multiplier.
Leprechaun Wild simbol

The Leprechaun Wild symbol doubled the win for this line.

Published game: September 2019

RTP (back to player): 95.41%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 20

4. Mighty Africa: 4096 ways
Mighty Africa: 4096 modes is a 6-reel slot game founded on January 24, 2019. As with other new Playson slot machines, the graphics, sounds and game play in Mighty Africa are at a very high level. Quality work I would say!

The name of the 4096 mode slot comes from the fact that you have 4096 ways to win in rows.

The slot with the theme of African animals contains Wild and Scatter symbols.

Mighty Africa: 4096 automata modes

Mighty Africa: 4096 slot machine modes from Playson game vendors. The game contains Wild and Scatter symbols which you can see here.

If you get 3 or more Scatter symbols, you will get a bonus game with free spins. If you get the Wild symbol during free spins, it will launch the Wild Split feature. Free spins will be launched as follows:

6x Scatter – 50 free spins
5x Scatter – 25 free spins
4x spreading – 15 free spins
3x Scatter – 8 free spins
If you get a 2x Scatter in a free spins game, you will get additional free spins.
Overall, the overall feel of the game is pretty slow and relaxed. So if you like slower games, the Mighty Africa slot machine might be for you.

Published game: January 2019

RTP (return to player): 95.10%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 6 x 4

Betting lines: 4096

5. Down the pub
Down in the pub is a 5-reel, pub-themed vending machine. According to Playson, Down the Pub Slot is best visited on a Friday night. This slot machine was released on December 15, 2015.

Down in the Pub slot

Down in the Pub slot from Playson.

The Down Pub has a Wild symbol and Scatter symbols that trigger free spins. If you get 3 Scatters symbols (a symbol of free welcome spins), you will get a free game. The free rotation mode continues until the 3. Pint symbol appears.

There is also a bonus game. If you get the symbols B + O + N + U + S in the right order on the reels (regardless of the paylines) you will get a bonus game.

Down in the Pub game

I managed to get a bonus game on my testing. As long as the order of the letters BONUS is exactly in the reels, you will get a bonus game.

Bonus igra Down the Pub

In the bonus game you will be able to play an old slot machine in the corner of the pub.

All in all Down the Pub is a nice slot machine game with lots of interesting free spins and bonus games. If you like the bar theme (and beer), I can definitely recommend this slot machine game.

Published game: December 2015

RTP (return to player): 96.42%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 15

New game dates for Playson
Here are some of the latest Playson slot machines introduced.

1. Super Burning Wins: Respin
Super burning wins: Respin is a 3-reel fruit vending machine with a special respin option. The game was released on November 1, 2019.

Super Burning Wins: Respin

This is Super Burning Wins: Playson’s Respin slot game.

Respin gives you a second chance. Respin is activated when 2 rings are filled with identical fruit symbols and an irresistible rotation occurs. A full screen of symbols will double the winnings.

Super Burning Wins: Respin

Here is the situation where the respin occurred because the 2 rings were full of the same fruit.

Super Burning Wins: Respin is a well made and simple slot game.

Published game: November 2019

RTP (return to player): 96%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 3 x 3

Betting lines: 5

2. The Book of Gold: A Choice of Symbols
The Book of Gold: Symbol Selection is a 5-reel slot machine with a selection of symbols in the free spins game. This slot game was released on October 11, 2019.

The Book of Gold: A Choice of Symbols

This is a Book of Gold: Symbol Choice slot machine from Playson.

If you get 3 scatter symbols (Golden Books), you run 10 free spins. You can select the Special expandable symbol before the free rotation mode. A special expandable symbol of your choice fills the entire reel.

The Book of Gold: A Choice of Symbols

I got two books on gold here and am waiting if I take the third. (Not)

Published game: October 2019

RTP (return to player): 95.95%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 10

Playson table games
Playson also offers several board games. Below is a screenshot of European roulette with a track. There’s also Black Jack Low which can be played at FortuneJack Casino.

European roulette from Playson

This is European Roulette with Track from Playson game supplier. This screenshot was taken from King Billy Casino.

Recommended bitcoin casinos with Playson games
These Bitcoin and crypto casinos have Playson casino games in their selection.

CasinoBonusFeaturesGo to the site
FortuneJack casino logo

1.5 BTC + 250 free spinsBronus on the first deposit is 110% up to 1.5 BTC + 250 free spins. The total bonus is 5 BTC + 250 free spins. No deposit bonus: 25 free spins. Betting: 40x bonus. Playson games supported
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1492 kazino igre

4 own provably fair games

FortuneJack review
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Logotip kazina King Billy

1.5 BTC + 200 free spins
The first deposit bonus is 155% up to 1.5 BTC + 200 free spins for Wolf Moon Rising. The total bonus is 5.5 BTC + 200 free spins. Betting: 30x bonus.

Playson games supported
Exclusive bonus: 155%

Small bonus betting: 30x

3500+ casino games

Review of King Billy
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User reviews of Playson
Here is a summary of the user rating of Playson casino game providers.

How do you like Playson casino games? Please share your thoughts below in the comment form!

Final thoughts
This was our article about Playson game vendor. Feel free to send an email, write a message via the contact form or write your comments or suggestions here!

Thanks for reading!

Sources for this article:

Playson service provider
FortuneJack Casino
Casino King Billy

Guide to Bitcoin Options Trading

Bitcoins and options should not differ in terms of risk. While Bitcoin investments are widely seen as a huge gamble, options trading can be quite safe for those who know what they are doing. In our Bitcoin options trading guide, we discuss what happens when you combine the two.

Contents [show]

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency. In 2009, it was created by an unknown person or group called Siashi Nakamoto. Cryptocurrency is a special form of digital and electronically portable currency based on cryptographic protocols and algorithms.

The basic features of most cryptocurrencies are:

Their supply is not determined by a central bank, but by a publicly available algorithm.
Cryptocurrency transactions are executed directly between participants. In other words, they are decentralized and do not require intermediaries.
Transactions take place anonymously.
The reasons for the increase in cryptocurrencies, in this case Bitcoin, and in particular the Bitcoin options trade, can be broadly divided into financial, technological, socio-economic and psychological aspects.

Financial: Let’s start with the obvious reason: money. People have seen that early adopters of Bitcoin have become millionaires in less than a decade and want a piece of this action. It’s that simple.

Technical: With the rapid development of intelligence and smart contracts, fintech companies are striving to offer new and increasingly sophisticated peer-to-peer financial products. Their goal is for their technology to take over the role of financial intermediation and essentially eliminate the need for banks.

Socio-economic: Believe it or not, cryptocurrencies have a strong case of humanitarian use. The speed of transactions, low fees and anonymity of participants mean that the Bitcoin exchange can be a more stable and democratic option for many people than a bank. In countries where the economy is unstable or a large percentage of the population is left without a bank, cryptocurrencies can have a significant impact on people’s lives.

Psychological: The reputation of financial institutions (primarily banks) and financial markets has been significantly compromised since the 2007 and 2008 global financial crises. The undermining of public confidence in traditional finances, the “foreign exchange wars” waged by central banks during periods of weak economic growth, and geopolitical tensions have prompted many investors to transition to a fast-growing cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin began to be bought and sold for US dollars with the advent of special trading platforms such as Mt. Gox in Tokyo, which allowed for an exponential increase in the number of Bitcoin transactions. In the years since, a number of popular services have emerged that accept BTC as payment. Some such notable examples are Microsoft, Newegg and airBaltic.

Cryptocurrencies are another way to buy real goods and services with gift cards. Since 2013, even Bitcoin ATMs have appeared. These real machines make it easier to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for traditional money.

Bitcoin options are derivative financial instruments that give their holders the right, but not the obligation, to deliver Bitcoin at a specified price, with an agreed expiration date / deadline. This price is called the strike price, and the expiration date is also called the expiration date. To buy the option, you have to pay a premium, which is usually cheaper than the cryptocurrency itself.

There are two types of options: call options and sell options. A call option is a contract between a buyer and a seller that gives them the right to purchase their assets at a fixed price. A put option gives you the right to sell an investment at a pre-determined price.

The crypto derivative trade has an ominous ring; it seems very complex and unknown. A look back at history shows that contracts such as options have been in place since at least 332 BC. In this first case, a Greek philosopher purchased the rights to harvest olives.

As far as complexity is concerned, it is true that options trading should not be taken lightly. You should study the field fairly thoroughly and remain informed of any events that may affect the price of the underlying asset that is the subject of the option contract.

Nevertheless, trading options options with the right skills and knowledge can be quite a penny with Bitcoin options trading.

To trade options, you need to know the terms “bear” and “bull”. Of course, we are not talking about actual animals; these terms came from the way they attack their opponents.

The bull leaves its horns in the air while the bear sweeps its paws. These actions have long been linked to fluctuations in financial markets. When you want to say that a market is growing and economically sound, you call it a bull market. If the market recedes, it is called a bear market.

If you get into Bitcoin options trading, you’ll probably come across the terms “bearish” and “bullish” as well. Option traders use these terms to quickly express their market sentiment. Market sentiment is simply the general attitude of investors towards a particular security or the entire financial market.

There are many tools specifically designed to measure market sentiment. Investors use them to create their own trading strategy. For example, some traders prefer to follow the prevailing consensus and sell when everyone else does. Others use this data to find undervalued securities and buy them cheaper.

When dealing with cryptocurrency options, this type of information is exceptionally valuable because the behavior of the cryptocurrency market can be very irregular – much more so than traditional markets. Traders tend to react more strongly to the rise and fall of their chosen virtual money than to other instruments.

There is no mystery behind it; people only react naturally to feelings of insecurity, which means something new. After all, with something as elusive as Bitcoin, Ether, or Litecoin, it’s natural to be at least a little worried about the things ahead.

Before you dive into the world of cryptographic possibilities, you need to do a little research and decide where you want to trade. Unfortunately, your choices will be limited as there are only a few cryptocurrency derivative platforms to choose from.

The most popular are Derbit, FTX, LedgerX, IQ Option and Quedex. We recommend LedgerX to U.S. traders as it is headquartered in New YorK City and regulated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Option styles
Once you’ve selected a platform, you need to get used to a small but important detail about options trading. There are two options: European and American.

European-style options can only be exercised on the expiration date. However, you can buy or sell the contract itself at any time before the option expires. American style options can be exercised at any time before expiration.

This may seem like a small detail to you now, but knowing such differences is often the main factor that separates successful transactions from failures.

Trading strategies

In this section of our Bitcoin Options Trading Guide, we focus on getting to know some basic trading strategies.

Covered call
The covered call strategy involves retaining the BTC and at the same time selling a call option. Here, your goal would be to generate income in the form of a premium.

While we’re the object of the catch, you need to be aware of the term “hodl” so you don’t get confused when you see it. No, this is not an abbreviation; this cryptographic slang became popular in the community back in 2013 when a user of the Bitcointalk forum accidentally wrote “gaping” instead of “holding”. Today, every cryptographer writes the word “hodl” instead of “moon”.

Protective put
Bitcoin’s options defense sell strategy even requires BTC, but this time it buys one put option at a time. Many traders use this to protect themselves from risks. You should apply it if you feel bullish about your asset but are afraid that its price may drop suddenly.

Riding seat
As the name suggests, the transition strategy is tantamount to not being able to decide between two chairs and then choose both. In our circumstances, this means that both the put and call options must be purchased with the same strike price and expiration date.

This Bitcoin options trading strategy is used when the trader suspects that there will be a large change in the price of the asset but is not sure in which direction it will change. Converting trade results in a profit as long as the asset moves in both directions.

The rapid rise and popularity of the cryptocurrency market has opened up a number of dilemmas about the potential benefits and risks. While some believe that cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them are tectonically transforming the world of economics and finance, others say it’s only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies completely collapse.

With that in mind, it’s hard to say if trading Bitcoin options is a good idea. On the one hand, it is definitely not the safest tool you can invest in. On the other hand, this type of trading can be very lucrative if you know what you are doing and take precautions.

In summary, you have to decide for yourself whether the reward is worth the gamble.

What is the best options trading strategy?

One of the best options trading strategies we offer is the hedged buy strategy. It’s simple but effective. This only entails the conclusion of contracts for the shares he owns. Since you will be selling, you will receive an immediate fee.

Can you get rich by trading Bitcoin?

You may technically get rich by trading Bitcoin, but you should know that the chances of this happening are low. That’s not to say you can’t profit from it, but because of Bitcoin’s high volatility rate, losses are as common as gains.

Why is trading options a bad idea ??

Trading options are not necessarily a bad idea; in fact, it can be quite lucrative to have the necessary knowledge and diligently gather information for possible price fluctuations in the chosen asset. Nevertheless, trading is not risk-free as you can never be sure that your predictions will be correct.

How do I trade Bitcoin options?

Our Bitcoin options trading guide addresses this topic in detail. In short, you should first learn as much as you can about the topic and then choose the cryptocurrency derivative platform that works best for you.

Getting Started Guide to Bitcoin SV Contents [show]

Mi a Bitcoin SV?
Bitcoin SV, also known as Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision, is an altcoin derived from the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash. The currency uses blockchain technology for transactions like Bitcoin. The coin was originally created to return to the goals of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

The creation of the coin ended a long debate among Bitcoin Cash users. Eventually, Bitcoin SV was born, which quickly rose to the level of the best altcoin. Learn more about BSV and how it differs from Bitcoin Cash.

History of Bitcoin SV
Those who follow the history of Bitcoin know that Bitcoin Cash in 2017 broke away from Bitcoin. It didn’t take long for several camps to emerge within the coin acceptors. The debate is primarily about the size of the block. One group wanted to keep the block size at 32 MB to run the algorithms more efficiently and allowed the scripts to be further developed to allow oracle data to be imported into the BCH blockchain.

The other group disagreed and wanted to keep closer to Satoshi’s Bitcoin vision. They wanted to allow the block size to increase to 128 MB so that more transactions could be performed. These differences led to a hard fork in the coin. One of the outstanding supporters of the hard fork was Craig Wright. Wright is an Australian entrepreneur and even claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin Cash divided into two coins. The first was the Bitcoin Adjustable Blocksize Cap (ABC) and the Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (SV). Eventually, Bitcoin ABC won most of the hash ratio and retained the Bitcoin Cash name. Bitcoin SV continued on its own. It later increased the block size of BSV to 512 MB. In February 2020, the coin produced the hard fork of Genesis, which served as a further development of the coin. This eliminated the block size limits of the coin.

Currently, the coin’s market limit is barely $ 3 billion, directly in the global top 10 market. One of the main proponents of BSV is Calvin Ayre. He regularly seeks investment opportunities in blockchain technologies and has been a strong supporter of Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin SV
Often a coin is forked because the new currency seeks to improve the properties of the original coin. This is the case for BSV. For starters, BSV strives to differentiate itself from BCH in terms of scalability. Without block sizing restrictions, BSV is the most scalable of all major cryptocurrencies. She hopes to handle as many transactions as the adoptive parents can throw away. The coin aims to become a corporate blockchain solution for companies globally. There are companies that are interested in finding out what blockchain technology can do for their organizations.

In addition, Bitcoin SV intends to become a utility coin. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are not the best options for everyday payments or payment solutions. Due to its scalability, Bitcoin SV strives to become the number one payment system in the world. They will become the primary global payment system while offering fast payments, a better user experience, increased security and lower costs for merchants and businesses.

Mining for Bitcoin SV
Bitcoin SV strives to be as similar as possible to the original Bitcoin, including the number in circulation. There will only be 21 million BSV coins ever mined. Furthermore, like Bitcoin, BSV uses a work-safe mechanism to add blocks to the block chain. The coin will also be halved, which means miners will receive less reward for their mining efforts over time.

Like conventional Bitcoin, BSV mining is very expensive due to the investment in equipment and energy required for mining. However, unlike Bitcoin, the rewards are still more reasonable as they have only fallen by half to date. Bitcoin had four.

How to get Bitcoin SV
The easiest way to get Bitcoin SV is to buy it from a cryptocurrency exchange. Several exchanges quickly took over Bitcoin SV and it is now easy to buy. Stock exchanges offering BSV include Huobi Global, KuCoin, Changelly, CoinEx and Poloniex. In most cases, you can exchange BTC for BSV, but some exchanges allow you to exchange USD and USDT for BSV.

Once you have purchased the encryption, you need to make the purchase secure. While you can try to leave the stock market, this is not recommended. Instead, choose a safe wallet. Options include Electrum SV, Exodus and Atomic Wallet. If you prefer a single wallet, the Ledger Nano S supports Bitcoin SV.

Other methods of obtaining BSV include ATMs, faucets, and peer-to-peer transfers. If you are unfamiliar with pins, there are programs on sites that allow you to require a small amount of BSV. These amounts are small, but they are used to start using cryptography.

If buying on the stock exchange turns out to be too daunting, you may decide to try to buy BSV directly from another owner. This is only recommended if you know the person or if the person has a strong transmission. You pay the person and they send BSV directly to their wallet.

If all else fails, you may be able to purchase Bitcoin SV directly from the Bitcoin ATM. Cryptographic vending machines are becoming more popular, and some even offer the option to purchase altcoins like BSV. The only catch is that you pay a premium in addition to BSV’s usual price. We only recommend the use of a cryptographic automaton as an absolute last resort.

Gambling with Bitcoin SV
Like all other major cryptocurrencies, many online gambling sites allow you to deposit using Bitcoin SV. Initially, online casinos only took Bitcoin for cryptographic transactions, but the rise in popularity of altcoins has changed that.

You can now use Bitcoin SV to deposit into Bitcoin online casinos, online sportsbooks and online poker rooms. In many cases, your BSV will be exchanged for USD or BTC. Some sites, such as Blockchain Poker, allow you to use BSV. This allows you to search for more BSVs with your BSV. An additional site should allow BSV to be used in the near future.

Why should every online casino adopt proven fair gambling

Every online casino known to man should adopt the philosophy of provably fair gaming. The term itself probably makes logical sense for most gamblers. After all, other than a casino that has an edge of the house (which most people understand is part of betting on gambling sites), shouldn’t we all be able to assume that everything is regulated and fair? That every player has an equal chance of winning? And that in the long run the chances are always equalized (the edge of the house to the side)?

The reality is that the need to treat us fairly is programmed in our DNA as humans. That’s why many of us gamblers (and even those who don’t gamble) love sports. Not only do we love sports, we respect those who become champions. But only if they play by the rules. Win by playing outside the rules and everyone loses respect for the players.

Even before the existence of Bitcoin or blockchain technology, most players who sign up for a properly regulated gambling venue, and even those who enter a casino, expect to be treated with a certain amount of fairness. Most discerning gamblers know that while roulette offers the worst odds of any casino table game, one should expect to get a certain percentage of the time. Yet the average gambler never sees the powers that set all the rules and set all the odds. I can never hold the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain responsible for the way the deck is moved and moved, or the way the automaton turns.

Proven fair play on Bitcoin sites that use blockchain technology is a way to take the wizard behind the curtain and show players that they are being treated fairly.

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What is provable fair gambling?
The concept of provably fair gambling really refers to an algorithm that is a random outcome that takes place in any given casino or board game. The algorithm can be checked and analyzed for fairness by the gambling operator. This means that at any given time, players or independent auditors can look at every turn of roulette and see that the algorithm algorithm truly randomly selects how many times the ball has landed on black versus red. They can see that any deck mixing is also fair. It basically removes the likelihood that anyone working for a casino could virtually manipulate anything.

How Blockchain Affects
Bitcoin casinos that truly believe in this technology naturally use blockchain to store data from their provably fair game algorithms. This way, if players ever asked to look at the outcomes, they could do so very easily. To be fair, traditional operators like Bodog don’t have to bother to say their provably fair. They are expected to be fair because of their branding and because they act with the approval of traditional governments (although governments located on coastal islands, but still, governments nonetheless).

Keep in mind that many in the Bitcoin community want to be without a government, so players on a Bitcoin-specific gambling site, such as crypto-games.net, are more likely to trust the algorithm and data stored on the blockchain than individuals or government.

That’s why these provably fair websites state the outcome of every turn of the wheel just below the gaming space itself. They usually show you the individual’s username, the bet they placed, how much they won or lost, and what the winning number of spins is for example. This makes it crystal clear to everyone who the winners and losers are, and in the long run a lot of spins will show what the edge of the house is and all the math succeeds. That’s what fair play should prove to be.

How to spot a proven fair place to gamble
Before you dare to find the fairest gambling spots in the entire crypto country, keep in mind that there is an easy way to find them. First of all, Google has proven fair play. Second, search individual gambling sites to check their fair play rules.

These rules will explain exactly how they collect data, how they ensure randomized outcomes, and how users can review the data to check for honesty themselves. Each website may have unique nuances in its approach, but the goal is the same. To ensure that all players are treated fairly and that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

The Five Basic Formless Love Languages


The Five Basic Formless Love Languages

What is love? Love is a group of feelings and behaviors typically characterized by intense intimacy, emotional passion, commitment, and caring. It often involves close connection, caring, protection, intimacy, and attraction. Love can range from being merely physical to being an emotional bond. Sometimes love is confused with lust or infatuation.

There are several areas of the brain that are related to romantic love. The mirror neuron system helps the human brain to remember connections between oneself and others. The limbic system is involved in emotions, motivation, nurturing, memory, behavior, and attitude. The periaqueductal gray matter is associated with feelings, memory, creativity, imagination, movement, spontaneity, and emotion. The orbitofucial motor systems and the frontal cortex control memory, judgment, perception, learning, and preference. Neuroendorphins are released when we are in love and have similar brain areas as those that are found in drug addicts.

One form of romantic love is attachment. Attachment is the most basic form of love and is based on feelings of security and care for the other person. Individuals who form deep attachments with another person develop a sense of responsibility. They take on the role of an individual caregiver and become responsible for their other needs such as safety, love and acceptance, security, a sense of well-being, and many other important things.

One of the highest quality time and space that can be given to someone in whom you feel very deeply is physical intimacy. Physical touch can create healing in the mind, body, and spirit. Physical intimacy is not the same as romance, but it can be considered a powerful substitute for it.

Attachment is often considered an emotion, but it is more than just emotions. Attachment is a conscious awareness of a shared reality or purpose. It includes an emotional reaction that can be positive (such as excitement) or negative (such as anxiety). Attachment is also involved in experiencing the reality of shared time and space and the associated positive emotions of safety, security, trust, safety, pleasure, belonging, pleasure, and joy.

When we are together with ourselves, with another person, with God, with all creation, yet without attachment our lives will be empty, our hearts will fail to fill with love, our achievements will be small and petty, our self-esteem will be low and our productivity will be low. Yet our emotional and spiritual well-being is tremendously high. When we give affection to another person, it is like giving love to ourselves. When we receive affection from another person, it is as if we were receiving love from another person.

Healthy Sex Life: Understanding Intersex

Human sex, sexual intercourse or simply human sex is the way that humans express and experience their sexuality. People engage in various sexual activities, ranging from sexual acts performed alone for various reasons, to sexual activities with another person for various reasons, for a very wide array of reasons. It is through sex that people come to terms with their own bodies. It is through sex that they come to terms with their own emotions. It is through sex that people learn to let go of things that are holding them back. It is through sex that people find the courage to accept themselves as beings worthy of love, acceptance and compassion.


In addition to the myriad ways in which people learn to let go of things that hold them back, there is also the process of coming to terms with one’s own body. This is an especially critical process for those who experience gender dysphoria or intersex conditions. For these individuals it is not uncommon to have to deal with having to live and be accepted by one’s body, especially where that body is congruent to one’s gender presentation or perceived “identity.” The process of coming to terms with one’s body can be a particularly arduous, painful and difficult process for many people. Unfortunately, there are many instances where individuals who experience gender dysphoria or intersex condition are subjected to transmisistance – the transfer of the physical characteristics of one’s desired sex to another body.

Transmispermia is often referred to and refers to the practice of “re-copulating” – that is, using another’s sperm in order to reproduce. Often, this is done when one feels there are no longer any biologically appropriate gender characteristics that are congruent with one’s self-identity. Some people are able to conceive and carry a child as a result of using another’s sperm. Others, however, find it extremely painful to have their own sperm injected into their reproductive system and then implanted within the uterus or into a fallopian tube. In these cases, the goal is often to get back or restore the normal characteristics of one’s body through the appropriate means.

When it comes to the issue of gender dysphoria, there are three main things which can lead to one having this condition. Those three things are: physical discomfort, social stigma and the expectation of pain. Let’s address the physical discomfort first; whether through verbal or physical expression, some individuals feel very uncomfortable with their own body. In addition, those who suffer from intersex conditions may endure a heightened sense of pain during sexual intercourse due to their own body’s differences from those that are expected of males. Finally, those who choose oral sex over vaginal sex may find that they are subjected to the expectation of pain, since genital stimulation can sometimes cause discomfort and soreness in the mouth.

It is important to note that those who experience intersex or those who are suffering from genital discomfort will often find a number of resources that help them understand and work through these issues. While it is important for everyone to feel good about their own body, those who have higher rates of stress and who also choose to have sexual activity on a regular basis may find that having a healthy sex life is a priority. Those who are committed to maintaining a healthy sex life may find that there are a number of things that they can do to create a happier, more fulfilling experience.

Many intersex children grow up and live happy and healthy lives. For those parents who were not able to cope with the situation and were wrongfully assigned the sex of their child, there is now hope for those parents. Thanks to new developments, intersex babies are now being encouraged to live a full and natural life just as their chromosomal gender as identified at birth does. Intersex children are no longer intersex due to medical intervention. Instead, they are considered to be a boy or girl biologically based on the symmetry of their genitals.