The English Language and Fucking

The word ” Fuck” is an extremely foul English-words word. It is used to describe the unbridled act of unprotected sex, but is most commonly used as a intensifier or to express disdain for something. It is so foul that even the word motherfucker is derived from it! In other words, “Fucks” is one of the most foulest possible English words.


As you can see, the origin of the word “Fucking” is quite disgusting and offensive. The question is, why is it such a big deal in today’s mainstream usage? Well, let’s examine some examples to see what I mean. First, lets take a look at the modern usage of the word “shit” to mean lack or a lack of self respect.

This can be seen in common use in online chat rooms where people refer to each other as “dude” or “sensei.” In these examples, the word “fag” is used in place of “dude.” So we have the etymology of “Fucking” given by the word “sensei,” an ethnic name. Not only is “dude” a more common word (which probably inspired the use of “sensei” to begin with), it also has a much steeper sexual context than the slang usage we see with “sensei.”

Let’s take one more example of the “sensei” complex in online forums and chat rooms. One popular British forum contains a huge amount of posts regarding sex. On almost every post, there is someone asking how to please a woman or, in some cases, how to perform cunnilingus on a woman. The top posts on this forum include tips to “wake her up” and “make her scream.” This vulgar slang has been going on for years, and there doesn’t seem to be any drop in popularity.

Not only are the words used to describe intercourse sexual in nature highly charged, but they often describe positions. The word “doggy” is another variant of the word “fuck.” A popular term on many English forums is “doggystyle,” which describes a deepthroating position, sometimes using the penis as a hand or feet stroking or pushing position. While the word may have its own definition in the world of English, “doggy” is an offensive term that does not have any place in polite conversation.

The fact that all three of these words, “sensei,” “british,” nigga,” have their own definitions and usage is further evidence of the evolution of the language in English. To go back to our example, it would be accurate to call the “sensei” a “porn star.” However, the word ” Nigga,” which means a black male, is a common word used to describe a porn actor. The expansion of the language, with new words being derived daily, makes it necessary for people of all races, colors, and creeds to communicate with one another. The British, for example, tend to use the word ” Nigga” to refer to a British porn actor, while the “British niggers,” in the United Kingdom, tend to use the word ” Nigger” to identify a black male porn actor.