Sex For Transgendered People – What They Ought to Know

Human sexual behavior, human sexuality or sexual behavior is the way in which people experience and express their sexualities. People engage in various sexual acts, ranging from simple acts done by themselves for a range of different reasons, right through to complex acts involving other persons in varying pattern of intensity, for numerous reasons. Some people are straight forward, unwilling to experiment with sex and just want to satisfy their basic needs and others are bisexual, open to exploring multiple sexual partners but remain discreet, unwilling to come out of their own closet. Some people have no issue with experimenting with sex with other people; they label their sexual actions as ‘playing the game’,’sexing up’ or even sometimes ‘badly rubbing up against a stranger in order to see if they like it’. While other people who have more liberal attitudes towards sex, often experiment deliberately with sex, engaging in multiple intimate acts and often taking active steps to prevent pregnancy.


There are many sexual variations between men and women and what we label as male or female sexual behavior, can be attributed to differences in genitalia and physiology. Some of the major differences include: men having a shorter excretory canal (the opening into the rectum/cuteus) which enables them to orgasm easily; men having a shorter urethra so that they can reach orgasm and also so that they can urinate as well as ejaculate whereas women have a long urethra with lots of nerve endings so that they can not only reach orgasm but also stimulate the clitoris and g spot extremely hard which helps them to achieve intense orgasms. Then there is the female sexual response; women have different nerve endings in the clitoris and vagina which enables them to achieve different levels of stimulation and orgasm. However it should be noted that the female sexual response is not as strong as the male response and there can be some pain involved in the female sexual response as well.

Sex and gender expression are very much intertwined these days. Many people do not understand how much influence the sex and gender expression plays in how we express ourselves sexually and often they also do not understand that there are often many problems arising from this. We must always be aware of our bodies and how we are feeling sexually. It is important for everyone to respect and accept their own bodies and how they feel about them.

Beyond the physical there are lots of other things like mental, emotional, and spiritual factors that play a huge role in whether we have a fulfilling and healthy sex life or not. Sexually abused children often have these scars all over their bodies and as adults still carry the trauma, it can lead to many difficulties. Also there are lots of drugs and substances which affect sexual pleasure and drive and these can all adversely affect your sex life and lead to distress. There are also many people out there who are suffering from unwanted body changes due to medication or birth control pills which can alter your hormones and interferes with your natural hormones and drives and so on.

Other issues which arise from being transgendered or having a cross-gendered sexual orientation are the lack of confidence and low self-esteem, poor health due to lack of exercise and diet, and also problems with performance in bed or when trying to please another person sexually. These problems can come from hormonal imbalance and lack of exposure to sunlight or fresh air. It is important to exercise and eat right if you want to enjoy a healthy sex life. Sexually transmitted diseases can also be transmitted through transgendered sexual relations or just from not being able to tell the difference between the two genders.

Some people just naturally like to play around with their body parts in ways that another person does not and for them the idea of ‘naked sex’ means that they are able to explore these body parts and find out what feels good to them. There are many different things people can try and sometimes things like nipple pasties or creams, gels and lotions are recommended for people who enjoy experimenting and who like to explore their sexual fantasies and to let the hair down and feel free. In the end it is up to the individual to make the decisions they want to make about their own body. Whether it is about getting or not getting a tattoo or crossing their legs it is their decision, but it is wise to listen to your doctor on the subject.