How to Say I Want to F— Her – A Guide to Slang Terms For Sex

Fucking or “fucking” is an act of penetrating the anus or vagina with the penis for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Sexual intercourse is an act usually involving both the thrusting and insertion of the man’s penis into the woman for sexual gratification, fertility, or both. This is referred to as male-to-male or male-to-female sex. Some forms of faking orgasms are done by the women during the act. This type of sex is very common in adult films and other pornographic materials.


There are many variations on how to talk about “making love,” so let’s get started. There are several words associated with fucksaid and a few words associated with “cunt.” I will attempt to use these terms and describe how they apply to sexual intercourse. Fucking can be used in its colloquial form, “fucking,” or with the more abusive definition of “cunt.”

Fucking can be used as an affectionate term for masturbation, sometimes even outside of actual sexual intercourse. There are many variations on how to describe masturbation, but we’ll start with a basic definition: The act of masturbating with the end goal of obtaining release through intercourse. Sometimes this orgasm is achieved through “fucking.” Some people refer to this act as “spanking the bush,” and others call it “copulating while blindfolded.” It’s up to you to decide what you prefer.

Another common variation on the word “cunty” is “cunts.” Cunts are women who are self-conscious about their vagina and are eager to please their partner. This type of slang terms for “porn star” is a less offensive alternative to calling a woman with a dirty nickname. Cunts should not be called sexy, they should be called respected members of society. Cunts should be respected because they are a part of the gender pyramid – equal footing as men.

Fucking, or cuntying as it is commonly spouted, can also refer to a situation in which the male penetrates his partner without her pleasure in mind. Penetration without orgasm is known as “hard core.” Fucking is the art of making love, so penetration without orgasm is known as hard porn. Some men like to use long slow strokes to give their partners cunty orgasms. Long slow strokes also allow a man to explore his woman’s body to find new spots he can stimulate without pain.

You don’t have to go to the embarrassment of calling your girl “cunty,” just learn a few advanced terms. You don’t have to spend your whole night thinking about how to explain to your friends that you’re “not sure if you want to f— her.” If you find yourself calling your partner “cunty” often, you may want to re-think the way you talk about sex and start using less pejorative terms. There are other ways to describe sex that don’t require you to use highly offensive terms. The world is full of slang terms for everything these days, including how to talk about sex, so you shouldn’t have any problems with using less-offensive terms.