How To Stop Your Sex Headaches And Orgasmitis!

Human sexual behavior, the way people experience and express their sexual sexuality is the most important way in which human beings interact with each other. Humans engage in various sexual acts, ranging from pleasurable activities done completely alone to activities involving another individual in varying patterns of intensity, for various reasons. Some of these acts may be compelled by the need for intimacy or sexual stimulation, some may be a result of the desire for companionship and some may be motivated by the need for adventurous sex. Most of these sexual activities take place in the confines of the home, between married couples, some single people, friends, extended families and strangers. They range from harmless exercises like masturbation and wetting the bed to aggressive and dangerous activities like rape, sexual assault and genital abuse.


Masturbation is an example of an enjoyable sex act that may take place in the privacy of your bedroom at night. In fact, it is performed by many people to the delight of their partners. This may include rubbing or kneading certain body parts like the private parts of the breasts or the anus in order to achieve an erection. People also indulge in fellatio, the service of oral sex, exploring each other’s sexual fantasies, giving fellatio in a threesome, penetrating the vagina or urethra and sometimes engaging in different sex acts and having sex toys to intensify the pleasure. Many people feel that they should not only have varied types of sex acts but also explore the different parts of their bodies and learn how to make their partner feel good about the complete process.

Sex is not just pleasurable for one, but to two or more people. The sensation and feelings associated with sex can affect different parts of the body of the individual. These sensations and feelings are also felt by many people as distinct sexual headaches that may manifest themselves as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, gas or bloating. There are many people who experience these types of symptoms regularly or on occasion.

While some of the problems that many people experience during their sexual intercourse are often asymptomatic, in other instances, the patient may experience severe or sever aches or pains. Such discomforts may occur even in the absence of any sexual stimulation. These discomforts can range from mild to severe and they may be either continuously present or occasionally present, depending on the individual. Some of the most common discomforts that are commonly experienced by many people are as follows:

The first step in dealing with this condition is identifying the exact cause of your problem. If you suspect that your problem may be as a result of an underlying medical condition then the doctor will likely order appropriate tests to rule out any type of infection, disorder or internal hemorrhage. Once the cause has been identified, the doctor will be able to provide you with specific treatment protocols that can effectively cure your problem. However, if you suffer from this condition because of a psychological or emotional problem, then there are some very effective treatments available that can significantly reduce or eliminate your symptoms permanently.

One of the most effective treatments available to treat sex headaches is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy. This form of therapy will teach you how to properly control your breathing during your sexual activity. A common myth is that you must breathe very deeply in order to experience an orgasm. This is simply not true. In fact, certain breathing techniques will allow you to not only experience an orgasm but to enjoy it as well.