The Definition of Love

The definition of love is often ambiguous. While some believe it is simply a deep emotional feeling, others have a more complicated understanding of the concept. According to rabbi Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler, love is an enacted emotion. It is an enactment of feelings. A relationship involving a partner is described as loving. In addition, love is a natural phenomenon, and is shaped by both physical and emotional factors.


Erotic love focuses on physical attraction and sex. While this form of love is very popular, it also has a lot of emotional distance and game-playing involved. In addition, erotic lovers are rarely committed and are often comfortable ending a relationship. On the other hand, storge love is often considered to be a more mature form of love. It emphasizes common interests, open affection, and is characterized by a lack of physical attractiveness. The goal is to find someone who is honest, trustworthy, and independent of others.

When it comes to love, there are many definitions. Infatuation is characterized by intense feelings of attraction without commitment. Infatuation often develops into a lasting love. Passionate love is characterized by an extreme desire to keep a close physical bond with the other person. It is often accompanied by a need for constant physical contact. Finally, compassionate love is based on a deep feeling of trust, affection, and commitment.

Some ancient languages have different definitions of love. The Hebrew word yada, for example, signifies sexual love, and the Greek word eros refers to sexual love. But both terms are not used in New Testament contexts. However, most people would agree that brotherly love is a form of affection between two close friends, regardless of gender. So if you’re looking for a relationship, it’s time to think about your definitions.

Infatuation is an intense, but short-lived love that involves both parties. While infatuation is usually an early stage of a relationship, it can develop into a lasting relationship. During this stage, the other person is not emotionally committed and is able to end the relationship. It is common to fall in love with a new person, but the same person may not feel this way. The feelings of infatuation are usually mutual and do not mean anything at all.

In Korean, “love” is defined as a strong feeling of affection and warm personal attachment. It can also be described as a strong preference for a certain object or person. In Korean, this kind of love is also known as platonic love. It is a kind of romantic relationship. It is an expression of deep and sincere feelings of affection between two people. The two people who are infatuated often refer to each other as ‘love’.

A relationship with a person who loves effort will require a lot of thoughtfulness is a sign of love. This type of love is not just about being nice, but it also involves caring for another person. It will be about giving yourself to your partner and making them happy. In other words, it will be about doing things that are meaningful to you. Those who love this kind of love will never stop trying. It will keep them interested in you and will make them feel special.