Understanding the Nature of Love

Love is a powerful word that can have many meanings for different people. For some, love is a single unbreakable emotion, while for others it is a complex, multifaceted concept that involves a number of conflicting feelings and emotions. It can be described as a powerful feeling that originates deep within our souls. It involves our capacity to love unconditionally, and has the power to overcome our weaknesses and excel in every area of our life. Love covers a broad range of positive and negative emotional and physical states, from an idealistic virtue or universal good habit, to the most intense interpersonal intimacy, to the lowest common pleasure.


Intense love arises from an inner desire to connect with another person and create intimacy with them. However, this intense feelings may also arise due to societal pressure, societal expectations, personal needs or even a special relationship we hold with someone special. Some of the basic characteristics of passion are also present in romantic love. Intense feelings of affection and longing are two of the most basic requirements for romantic relationships.

Intimacy is closely associated with sexual intimacy. The depth of this emotion is related to the nature of the relationship between the partners. While lustful feelings arise when the opposite sex is encountered, loving and romantic feelings are experienced when the same sex is encountered. The feelings involved vary from one person to another depending on their innate personalities. While some people may experience feelings of loving and sharing in a purely physical manner, other may experience the emotion in a much more emotional manner. People’s innate personalities also determine the depth of their emotions.

Emotions experienced during intimacy are often felt as love for another person. Intimacy is closely related to feelings of love and are therefore very powerful in shaping and creating long term relationships. The intensity of these feelings varies greatly from one person to another. However, being in a committed relationship and having an intense level of passion can lead to love that is deeper than other forms of intimacy. A deep love for your partner can be cultivated over a period of time. Intimacy plays a major role in creating long term relationships and it helps you to spend your entire life with the person you love.

In order to understand love, it is necessary to understand the different levels of relationship that exist. There is the intimate relationship which is the true love. There is also the platonic love, which is usually referred to as sexual or casual interest. Finally there is the friendship form of love which occurs when two people meet and develop a relationship based on similar interests. Understanding the various levels of love helps you find the right type of partner for yourself. While some people are able to attract others of a similar level of passion, others need to pursue a more complicated relationship that involves feelings, intimacy and physical intimacy.

Understanding the nature of your partner helps you to identify your partners’ true love style. It is important to be aware of your partners’ needs and requirements in order to meet them. It is common for some people to think that intense feelings and affection are only required in a relationship with their partner. On the contrary, they should realise that in a healthy relationship love should be shared freely as this builds a strong foundation. In order to maintain an intense feelings and affection free relationship, both partners need to have the will power to fulfil each others needs and feelings.