What Is Romantic Love?


What Is Romantic Love?

“What Is Love?” is an instrumental song recorded by Trinidadian-GERD Eurodance musician Haddaway for the first album, The Album. The song was originally released as the lead track on the album. It charted better than most other tracks and remains to be one of the most successful songs that could have been on the album. Since the song’s release, the band has consistently sold well over 100 million copies worldwide.

The song takes its lyrics from a number of different sources; most notable being the Bible, in addition to various sources from around the world, including European, American and New World poetry. A significant portion of the song is taken directly from a number-one hit by Michael Jackson, “Who is it?” Although there are many different versions of the lyrics, what remains common is the sentiment. The lyrics include the number-one hit “Beat It,” as well as hits like Smurfie Syco, Just What I Need and Billie Jean.

In addition to the above love quotes, “What is romantic love” also includes an excellent message of peace. Throughout the song, the lyrics focus on how peace can make everything in a relationship perfect. From romantic love that begins with a smile to the end of a lifetime of love shared with one another, the lyrics offer the perfect way to start or continue the romance.

“What is romantic love” goes against the common notion that all love is based on physical attraction. Instead, this love is based on feelings and emotions. Emotions are the driving force behind romantic love and, when those feelings and emotions are nurtured, romantic love grows stronger. This love will, if nurtured enough, turn into more than just physical attraction.

In addition to love’s ability to affect one another’s feelings and actions, the song is also a great motivational speaker. It encourages individuals to express their feelings, to listen to their own feelings, and to let their feelings out in hopes of creating loving and compassion filled relationships. The sentiment of “letting go” is also an important part of the lyrics. It reminds individuals that even though certain relationships may be falling apart or have become unloving, they should not let their relationships go. Instead, individuals should work on healing the hurt and pain that has been placed upon them by a former partner.

Love and relationships are a lot about feelings. Individuals must learn how to be accepting of those feelings in order to move forward with their relationships and pursue their goals. “What is romantic love” is an excellent primer for learning to express one’s feelings and work on building long lasting closeness with someone. It is also a great motivational speaker because it encourages individuals to listen to their own inner feelings and to feel their way towards love and closeness with another person.