Genotypic Sex Guide: Where Is The Female Orgasm?


Genotypic Sex Guide: Where Is The Female Orgasm?

Human sexual interaction, human sex or sexual behavior is the way that humans express and experience their sex. Humans engage in a wide range of sexual activities, ranging from spontaneous, unplanned acts done by the individuals themselves to complex, orchestrated activities with another individual in varying sexual patterns for a wide range of reasons. Sex between members of the same sex has been a subject of ongoing debate since the earliest times. In recent years, many studies have shown that same-sex sexual orientation is more common than previously thought. Similarly, gender identity is an increasingly accepted concept, with many adults now experiencing same-sex sexual attractions. However, same-sex sexual behavior can be influenced by a multitude of external factors, making it difficult to generalize the results of past studies.

Oral stimulation of the penis during intercourse is the most widely recognized means of changing one’s sexual behavior. Oral stimulation is most likely to result in at least some degree of erection and may lead to greater satisfaction in the overall sexual experience. There are two basic types of oral sex that may be useful for those seeking to explore their own sexuality: topically applied sex toys such as the bullet vibrator (a small, battery-operated, ‘ball jointed’ vibrator that has a head for maximum sensation that stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot on the penis) and bottomically applied sex toys including cock rings, finger cuffs (to help bring about a more intense orgasm), or ‘cells’ (reusable plastic strips worn around the vaginal entrance). A number of oral sex toys also allow for the exchange of body fluids, such as saliva or vaginal discharge. These products vary greatly in style and function, using different methods to stimulate the genital area, varying amounts of suction power and lubrication, and using different materials and shapes to alter the vagina and cervix.

When anal sex and/or oral sex are performed with two people, then either method can be used to explore the other person’s body. Anal sex generally comes across as much more graphic than vaginal sex, but anal sex is not really meant to be ‘outercourse’ (i.e. ‘to play out’) with only one person. Some people might find it gratifying to have anal sex without the need to ‘play out’, but this does not make it any less real or intimate than vaginal sex. ‘Outercourse’ occurs when a man penetrates his woman from behind, causing friction and possibly leaving some ejaculate or moisture on the woman’s front or back.

The second common type of sexual activity is oral sex; this is where the woman puts something into her mouth or applies something to her genitals while engaging in ‘oral sex’. In this way, the two people involved (usually a man and a woman) are able to explore each other’s bodies and find new areas of pleasure. The sexual contact may involve gently sucking the partner’s nipples or using rough tongue strokes to stimulate the clitoris. As with intercourse, many women find that they reach orgasmic climaxes easily and remain sensitive to stimulation even when they are passed out in bed.

For men, the most common place to stimulate the clitoris is from the rear end of the penis; although this is just a starting point. The easiest way to give a woman an orgasm through oral sex is to use your fingers in conjunction with your tongue. You can stimulate the clitoris using either your index finger or your middle finger. Alternatively, you could use your entire hand, using your thumb to massage the clitoris and flick the tip against her vaginal opening. If you want to feel a more intense orgasm, then insert your finger into her vagina with pressure until you feel a slight tingling sensation – this is a sign that she is almost at her orgasm.

Some women may find that their clitoris and vagina do not respond well to manual stimulation. This could be down to physical factors such as anatomy or the sensitivity of the vagina. If this is the case for you, then the next step would be to use a sex toy. Using a genotypic sex guide can be very helpful here – by training yourself to manipulate the sexual parts of your body using the tips given, you will be able to give your partner a mind-boggling and wholly enjoyable experience. And as with anything else, practice makes perfect – so make sure that you have a genotypic sex guide to guide you on what to do during love-making.