Does a Screwdriver Come in Long or Short?

Fucking is something people do a lot, even if they aren’t aware of it. Even if you’re not into hardcore pornography or anything of that nature, you’ve probably had the experience of being called a fag or cocksucker by someone you don’t know. In its earliest known appearance in written form, the term Fuck existed only in the language of pre- Renaissance Europe, used to describe one of several pejorative terms for women used in courtly courtship rituals. By the time the modern word “cocksucker” emerged, however, Fuck had assumed its place as a highly insulting term for men who flaunt their sexual interests in public. Cocksuckers were routinely humiliated in public for their profligacy.


The word, however, never caught on outside of the male population. Oddly enough, the most common way to describe a man who is interested in sex with another man is “a jackass.” Even now, a phrase originating from England describes the male penis as “a hard working screwdriver.” No other word comes close to the term than “hard,” which was used in the same way back in the 15th century. It all comes down to the nature of the English language.

In American English, the term “cocksucker” has nothing to do with the penis at all. Instead, it describes a certain type of male sexual proclivity. Like all slang, the phrase quickly became identified as a unique idiom, even though the origin of it is highly debated. In modern times, a person can be said to be a jackass for using a screwdriver to open a can (i.e., “You broke open the can of beer!”). On the other hand, a person can be considered a jackass for opening a can with a screwdriver. As you can see, the usage of “jackass” has little to do with men’s penis size.

Now let’s consider how “a jackass” relates to the penis. The word “jackass” comes from a combination of two words: “jack” (a noun) and “sucker (a verb, comparable to “to become”). Thus, we have “jackass” as a noun meaning “one who becomes a jackass,” while” jackass” is a verb meaning “to become a jackass.” Thus, it is clear that the origin of the term “jackass” is not related to penis size.

In our present culture, being a jackass is perfectly acceptable, even desired. If one could label someone a “jackass,” he or she would likely receive a lot of negative attention and ridicule. For this reason, it’s very unlikely that anyone would want to use a screwdriver to open a can (unless they were employed by a hardware store).

Clearly, then, screwdrivers have nothing to do with penis size. So which is true? Is “the head of a screw” the factor that determines the length and girth? Or is “the shaft of a screwdriver” the factor? The answer to this question will determine which method of selection is the most practical and enjoyable for you!