Forms of Infidelity


Forms of Infidelity

Sexuality, the act of engaging in sexual activity, is the way in which humans express and experience their sexuality. Humans engage in a range of sexual activities, ranging from spontaneous, instinctual activities done without any forethought to more complex acts involving another person in varying frequencies for a myriad of reasons. Some of these activities are bound to be mundane, requiring little conscious effort on the part of the participants. However, others such as masturbation and sexual contact with others, can be highly complicated affairs. For example, it would not be surprising if most people engaged in some form of infidelity. While there are those who find sexual contact with a partner to be an innocent pursuit, it can often involve much more than meets the eye.

One form of infidelity that is well known among the general public is anal sex. This involves inserting the penis of one partner deep into the anus of another and the resulting orgasm produces a discharge from the anus, vagina or mouth of the perpetrator. This discharge is often times messy and unsightly, but can produce an orgasm similar to that produced during masturbation.

Another common form of infidelity is to use different sexual toys to bring a partner close enough to orgasm without them being aware they are doing so. Some people use sex toys that make sexual stimulation difficult such as vibrators that require two hands to operate. Other toys are designed to simulate certain physical aspects of a pregnancy such as breasts. While there are many different types of toys available, most people use vibrators and dildos because they can produce a very intense orgasm.

The act of masturbation has been described as one of the single most effective ways in achieving multiple orgasms. There are many different types of masturbation, some more straightforward than others. Many people typically masturbate through masturbation by themselves, while others prefer to masturbate with a partner. Those who masturbate alone will generally spend a short period of time doing this, usually only a few seconds to a few minutes, and then will switch to masturbating with a partner. Those who masturbate with a partner will typically take longer to achieve an orgasm than those who masturbate alone, often spending up to two seconds or more in close proximity to their partner before changing to masturbation alone.

Sex between people who are in committed relationships is another form of infidelity. While not necessarily dishonest, there is often a lack of trust that can result in sexual contact outside of the confines of a marriage or relationship. This includes sexual contact that occurs outside of the relationship. One of the reasons why many people have such a strong sex drive, or high sex drive as it is sometimes called, is because they are feeling connected to their partner emotionally. This emotional connection can lead people to be more willing to experiment with sex, but there are times when this connection can cause the individual involved to lose sight of their personal boundaries, and begin experimenting with outside of the relationship.

Having different things people do when they masturbate is also a form of infidelity. Not only can someone else feel connected to you sexually through what you do, but there can be an emotional connection too. While this type of infidelity is more about the physical aspect of having sex, there is still an emotional investment that is created. For example, if a man has a female friend, he may start spending more time with her than he normally would, or he may think of her more than he normally would. If a woman is masturbating with a person she is seeing on a regular basis, it is possible for her to become emotionally attached to that person instead of just feeling like she is strictly a sexual being. In many ways, this type of infidelity is similar to the sexual affair that involves one person having sex with someone else, but it takes place within a different set of circumstances.