How to Use a Screwdriver

Fucking as an act of love differs vastly from the way people used to think of it. Fucking as a verb normally refers to intercourse (as in ‘I was always fucking her when a plane crashed through the ceiling yesterday.’) However, it is used to describe other types of sexual behaviour, and can be used in ways that would not be considered as ‘fucking’. If you want to know what these other uses for the word are, keep reading.


To put it simply, to go ‘fucking’ in the English language does not necessarily mean to have sex with the object of your affections. Fucking is generally used as an action, an act of coming together of two people in an intimate and sexual way. For example: ‘The girls were all going to get married that weekend…’ That sort of example is used a lot in comedy acts. In fact, one of the best known stand-ups, David Letterman, goes on to explain: ‘…we went to some fucking college and she bit my dick.’ So there you go, that’s how to use the word ” FUCK”.

Fucking can also be used as an act, as in a challenge between two people. A competition can be used, between two groups of people. Whoever comes back with the biggest prize is the winner. Of course, it can be used in a challenge between two grown adults, where one challenges the other to a dance.

Fucking can be used as an exclamation, to show happiness or astonishment – for example: “She cried like a baby.” Or: “She shouted like a donkey.” In fact, it can be used as much as you like, and you can use as many different kinds of variations on the above list as you wish. And you can use it as much as you like, because no-one will argue if you do.

So, for example, we have the person who said: “I had one too many mints, so I switched to a screwdriver.” Now, if we substitute the words: “I had too many mints, so I switched to a screwdriver,” we can see how much more effective this is. So, in this example, we’ve switched one variable, the mints. But the point is still valid, in whatever situations we can use this screwdriver trick. We just need to know which situations are suitable, and which are not.

Screwdrivers have been used by people for millennia, and will continue to be used in the future. The reason they’re so commonly used is because they’re quite easy to come by. It’s not surprising that people would use a screwdriver if you offered them one. They’re useful for loosening things that are stuck; they’re useful for getting into places that people normally wouldn’t. Also, screwdrivers are cheap, which means that anyone can afford to get one.