Warning Signs That Gambling is a Problem


Problem gambling is a problem. The person is obsessed with gambling and is likely to lie or cheat to avoid disclosing the extent of their involvement. They may even gamble with materials with a value that is not actual money. Despite the consequences of gambling, these people do not realize that they are ruining their relationships and their financial security. This article provides a brief description of the symptoms and causes of problem gambling. Weigh these warning signs to determine if gambling is a problem for you.

Problem gamblers are preoccupied with gambling

While millions of people enjoy casino-style games and other forms of gambling without any trouble, about three percent of Americans experience problem gambling. Approximately one percent of these individuals experience more serious gambling problems. However, these individuals affect up to seven other people around them. Gambling addiction can lead to serious problems affecting financial stability, physical health, and even relationships. In addition to damaging relationships, problem gambling can have significant social and psychological consequences.

They lie to their spouse

Many people with an addiction to gambling will lie to their spouse to keep their secret. In truth, this is a sign that their problem is getting worse. These people will often lie about how they plan to quit, or that they are going to seek treatment for their gambling problem. Trust is earned, not given. A compulsive gambler may also lie to their spouse about their gambling addiction. However, these types of lies may have a negative effect on the rest of the relationship.