Sex Headaches – Understanding and Treating

Sexuality, the word used to define human sex, is the way in which humans express and experience their sexuality. Individuals engage in various sexual acts, ranging from simple activities performed alone for pleasure to activities involving another human being in varying patterns of intensity, for various reasons. Such sexual practices can range from basic acts of arousal and genital stimulation to complex acts of mutual masturbation and foreplay. Even in today’s society there are numerous ways by which individuals may explore their sexual potential.


The occurrence of sex headaches is fairly common, especially in the male population. This condition occurs when an individual ejaculates during sexual activity. Unfortunately, ejaculation is a normal process that every man goes through at one time or another. For some reason, a man who ejaculates too quickly after having sex can experience sex headaches.

One of the most common causes for premature ejaculation is embarrassment or reluctance to allow the genitals to achieve full satisfaction during sexual contact. In other words, a man may not want to reach climax and may hold back the moment he reaches orgasm to avoid causing serious damage to his partner. An individual with this condition might feel like he has lost his ability to please his partner completely and will consequently be unable to ejaculate during sexual activity. This results in a void in the libido and sexual satisfaction. This lack of satisfaction can cause both physical and psychological problems in a relationship. The use of a sex toy, a penis extension or a hand exercise device can be a solution to this problem.

There are several general characteristics that identify a person who experiences an early ejaculation problem. These include the tendency to contract the pelvic floor muscles excessively during sexual stimulation and the slow build up of tension in the urethra. Sometimes a man may ejaculate before he or his partner wants him to do so. A man with this condition also tends to ejaculate sooner than he or she desires. This delay often frustrates the partners.

Lack of enjoyment is one of the other general characteristics that interjects itself into the equation of the difficulty with achieving and sustaining a satisfying sex life. Men often complain that they do not get as much pleasure from vaginal sex as they do from oral sex. Men who orgasm without vaginal stimulation tend to lose interest in sex and do not feel as if they are providing the best that both partners can offer. Men who want to reach their climax and feel as if they have done their best to satisfaction have a very different approach to sex that is very different from those who want to prolong sex. Men who want to feel a woman satisfied have more sex toys or an indoor/outdoor masturbation regime.

Sex headaches may help explain the results one is experiencing from sexual dysfunction. Frequent orgasmic problems and the inability to sustain a erection long enough to complete sexual activity are some of the other factors that may help to explain the headaches you are suffering. If you are suffering from frequent sex headaches, you should consult your doctor to see if there is an underlying medical cause contributing to the problem.