Fucker and Screwdriver – What is the Difference?


Fucker and Screwdriver – What is the Difference?

What is ‘Fucking’? Simply put, sexual intercourse is an act usually involving the simple thrusting and insertion of the penis into the female vagina for either procreation, sexual pleasure, or both. This is called male sex or male sexual intercourse. In today’s lingo, ‘fucking’ can mean different things to different people.

The question of what is the best or most appropriate way to talk about or have sex with someone is one of life’s little problems. People use different terms, expressions and slang to describe or imply something. You might call your lover a cocksucker (meaning someone who fucks around) or a wanker (meaning someone who goes around masturbating). Nowadays, it seems like there is no shortage of cocksuckers and wankers – everyone has a name for his or her personal preferred method of play.

The question of what is the proper word to use when you go ” FEEL SO GOOD DONE”. In case you didn’t already know… FEEL GOOD DONE is an acronym for “FUCK HARD”. This explains the rise of the phrase “going hard” as an ejaculation enhancer. It goes without saying that in the English language, we now have two words for the action of having sex… FEEL GOOD DONE and Fucked Around.

There are many variations of the single word ” FEEL SO GOOD DONE”. “FEEL GOOD DONE” can also mean: Having an orgasm, having an intense orgasm, shooting your load, achieving mind-blowing orgasms, etc. However, it has always been known that the more specific the term is, the better it is (i.e. : the more specific the better).

There is another common word which I am going to call Fucking (which is very close to Fucking). Fucking (or being Fucked) comes from two words: Fucking and FUCK. I was listening to the news one day and heard the voiceover say: “The Queen was hung like a porn star last night”. This prompted a flurry of people asking me: “What the hell was she doing on herself last night?”. Well…she wasn’t just “sitting there” or “doing nothing”, she was actually being Fucked.

So, we know that Fucking and Screwdriver do not always go together. This leaves us with Fucker and Screw, and Fucker and Screwdriver are indeed interchangeable when used in a context of describing masturbation. Fucker is used when you are in bed, screwdriver when using tools or vibrators. Fucker is usually used before you go “down there”, screwdriver is used after you’ve come “down there”.