Fucking – Or Not So Much?

Fucking is a generic term that describes the act of penetrating the penis into a woman’s vagina for a sexual purpose. Sexual intercourse is a common sexual act usually involving both the thrusting and insertion of the penis into a woman’s vagina for sexual gratification, reproduction, or either. This is referred to as male penetrative sex or male sex.


The word ” Fuck” is most commonly found in modern usage. It appears in a great number of internet articles, emails, chat rooms, and idems. The lack of a specific reference to the word ” Fuck” in a modern usage leaves open the question of its meaning in a broader context. While some might consider it an derogatory word, in other contexts it is used with pleasure and can even be a source of pleasure for the receiver of the penetration, depending on the circumstances. It is this second usage that may be the source of confusion for those who consider “fuck” offensive.

In modern usage, the word “Fuck” is often used in a highly playful fashion. Some might consider it an archaic form of expression, with its roots in androgenic slang. This slang describes a promiscuous use of a woman’s vagina by a man, with disregard for her desires or needs. Other analysts would draw a distinction between the use of ” FUCK” as a curse or a signal of endearment. Still, others would define the word as a vulgar phrase used to describe promiscuity or sexual adventurism.

For those who take a more traditional view of the origins of ” FUCK,” it appears to have first been adopted by the punk subculture. In particular, the early scene known as the Bladozzzzzzzzzz refers to acts of non-consummation or indiscriminate sex which are performed in opposition to the more conventional forms of copulation. One well-known example was the famous Bladerunner riot which disrupted the St Paul’s Cathedral in the early 1990s. There, the rioters set fire to the windows of the church and damaged the roof in order to give the audience a view of the celebration which was supposedly being held there.

During his election campaign for president, Donald Trump was criticized for using the term “Fucking,” albeit in a rather tactless manner. He told a crowd in New Hampshire that he would “buy everyone a drink” if they called him a pussy again. Some said that perhaps he should stick to “Fucking Obama” instead. Indeed, both President Obama and VP-elect Mike Pence have used the word “fucking” in their speeches as if they were actually referring to members of the Trump administration.

On a more serious note, the political incorrectness of ” Fuck” may perhaps be linked to a certain aspect of French culture. Traditionally, when someone talked dirty (in the French language, this is otherwise known as “casseotage”) or when you were caught saying something you did not want to say, the other person generally got the feeling that you loathed them personally and so, indirectly, “fucked them”. It is a subtle distinction, but one that carries with it plenty of meaning. In the case of the word “shit”, we can see that it signifies an act of lack or negativity from your own perspective. Therefore, if we consider that the most famous French writer, Victor Hugo, did not exactly use the word “fucking” in his famous novel, The Hanged Man, we can see that it is perhaps a more respectable form of swearing, than calling someone a “bitch.”