Female Orgasm: The Many Benefits of Having It

Human sexual behavior, human sex or sexual activity is the way that humans experience and express their sexual sexuality. Individuals engage in various sexual activities, ranging from sexual activities performed alone to sexual activities in varying modes for a variety of reasons. However, in most of the cases it is the inability to attain orgasm that results in inactivity rather than any other factor. In fact, statistics have shown that most men do not achieve climax and thus, remain committed to their partners for the rest of their life.


It becomes essential for everyone to enjoy a healthy sex life. This means enjoying physical as well as emotional pleasure. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are a major cause for concern in today’s world. A healthy sex life guarantees that one does not get affected by STD. Besides this, it also ensures that one has a better shot at avoiding cancer and other life threatening diseases.

There are certain risk factors that lead to the prevalence of STD’s and thus make safe sex very important. The foremost factor is the lack of knowledge about safe sex. One should be aware of the risk factors associated with sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS. Many people, particularly young adults remain uninformed about safe sex practices. Lack of information makes them open to chances of contracting STDs.

Sexually active women who have multiple partners, especially those with poor immune systems, may experience sex headaches. This is because the multiple partners may result in the introduction of various bacteria and germs that lead to infections. Further, during sexual activity it is possible for the woman to have an orgasm without experiencing pain. However, if an orgasm is experienced, then there is a possibility of tearing the vagina or urethra. The tearing of these tissues may cause serious problems leading to infections.

An important thing to note is that, the first orgasm experienced can be different from the second one. The first orgasm may lead to vaginal dryness and thus it is important for women to visit their doctors for appropriate treatment. If an individual experiences multiple orgasms in a day, the chances of contracting STDs increases dramatically. This is because sex hormones such as testosterone are released at a higher rate during sexual activity and thus, a higher possibility of contracting STDs.

Sex researchers have also noted that female orgasm leads to higher secretion of lubrication leading to increased sex drive. Female orgasm also leads to longer time to complete sex making it easier for the males to ejaculate during sex. Thus, if a male partner lacks in the ability to ejaculate during sex, the sexual encounter will come to an end faster. This results in decreased sex drive and, in many cases, also in the loss of relationship. This is why, it is very important for both male and female to consult a doctor when they notice a decrease in sex drive.