Marriage, Love and Attraction

Love is a group of psychological behaviors and feelings characterized by intense intimacy, emotional passion, commitment, and caring. It involves emotional closeness, attention, protection, love, compassion, desire, attraction, and trust in a relationship. Love can range from being fleeting in nature to a powerful emotion that impacts you and those around you every day. It is often associated with an array of positive emotions, such as excitement, happiness, joy, vitality, and ecstasy, but it can also be accompanied by negative emotions, such as anxiety, worry, resentment, blame, and jealousy.


Love is a powerful emotion that is capable of causing all kinds of changes in your life, not just in your romantic relationships. When you are in a relationship, it is the most powerful love you can have. The intensity of this love is what makes a relationship last through the years and what makes a couple fall in love repeatedly. People often talk about their love and how they feel when they are in love, yet very few take the steps needed to ensure that love is really happening. It’s important to remember that love is an energetic state rather than a cerebral one. You and your partner need to give yourselves totally to each other in order for love to be present in your relationship.

Although romance is one of the key ingredients to love, loving relationships also require you to think about other factors as well. For instance, although romance is the ideal and foundation, sometimes being too focused on romance can lead to more frustration and less enjoyment. In order to have long-term meaningful romantic relationships, you and your partner should both be willing to consider the important components of loving a relationship. This includes trust, intimacy, commitment, understanding, appreciation, and tenderness.

When you are in a committed relationship with someone, it is incredibly important that you spend time with him or her. It would be extremely difficult to sustain a relationship if there is minimal time spent together. One of the best ways for you to strengthen the bond between you and your partner is by creating emotional intimacy. You might say that emotional intimacy is what makes a relationship enduring, because it enables you to connect with your partner on a deep level that cannot be reached through mere physical contact.

Emotional intimacy refers to the feelings and behaviors you share with your partner. You might say that sharing emotions is what makes a relationship enduring, because it enables you to connect with your partner on a deep level that cannot be reached through mere physical contact. Your emotional connection with your partner encompasses your whole being – from your body, heart, mind, soul, thoughts, hopes, fears, ambitions, and dreams. A bond is formed when one person feels completely emotionally connected to another person. It is this bond that binds two people together in marriage. Without this bond, one person feels separated from the other, which can lead to broken relationships.

In marriage, love is the number one requirement for you to be able to stay close with your spouse. This form of intimacy usually stems from lust and attraction (or sexual attraction). When two people feel this form of attraction towards each other, it typically leads to love. Love can also come from other sources – such as friendship, common interests, common values and beliefs, and from spiritual teachings.