The Different Types of Romantic Love


Although the study of love is not a new one, it is only recently that it has become a topic of serious study. Sigmund Freud said that love was a natural phenomenon, and that it should be investigated scientifically. He also said that it was a subject of creative writing and thousands of years of artistic treatment. But the early explorations of love received considerable criticism. U.S. Senator William Proxmire derided the research as a waste of taxpayer money.

Some philosophers have said that love is an enacted emotion, and that the words ‘love’ and ‘affection’ imply feelings that are both real and abstract. Some people use the word ‘affection’ as a synonym for ‘affection’. However, it is better to view the word ‘love’ as an enactment of an emotion, as opposed to a feeling.

Erotic love refers to a type of love that focuses on physical attraction and engaging in sexual activity. This type of love is usually described as ‘game playing’, since it does not require the other person to commit to a relationship. Therefore, its advocates often don’t feel compelled to commit, and are comfortable ending the relationship. Storge love, on the other hand, is considered to be a more mature form of love. The emphasis is on the common interests of the two individuals, and less on the physical attractiveness of the individual. This type of love also fosters trust, openness, and dependence.

Erotic love is the most common type of romantic love. While many modern authors have distinguished further types of romantic love, the ancient Greeks identified four distinct forms of love. The distinction between these four types has proven to be difficult due to the fact that the meaning of words in Greek has been so complicated for centuries. For example, the word verbagapo carries the same meaning as phileo. In the Bible, it was said that “love is an expression of the human spirit.”

In Greek mythology, the term “agape” means “unconditional” in Latin. Agape refers to the love of the gods and is characterized by unconditionality. For a parent, this is the love of a child. A child has no responsibilities and he or she does not need to be dependent on another person. In a marriage, this is a form of aphrodisiac.

Historically, love has been defined as a feeling of deep affection and commitment. While erotic love focuses on physical attraction and sex, storge love places an emphasis on similar interests and open affection. It is a mature type of romance and is not limited to a sexual relationship. The same applies for erotic love. So, what makes a relationship a good one? The desire to make someone happy is a strong reason to choose a partner.